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This Is Really Bad News For Our Kids

Photograph by Twenty20

Mother Nature knows what she wants for Mother's Day. She wants people to start taking better care of her. Once moms read a report issued by the White House, they may feel the same way.

Climate change poses an urgent health risk to humans. Scientists predict that extreme heat will kill 27,000 Americans annually by the year 2100. Just think of those people.

No problem, you say, we will most likely be dead, you are thinking. But what about our kids and grandkids? This new report gives frightening ideas of what is going to happen unless we change our ways.

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The report was developed by more than 100 experts from across the U.S., in case you don't believe in climate change. Climate change will negatively affect us because it will increase exposure to being killed. Or we'll be made sick by more extreme weather (think: "Twister").

When these situations occur, there's a domino effect, where one thing leads to another, including disruption within our infrastructure. Messing with our power, water, transportation and communication systems.

The coasts, where most Americans now live, are more vulnerable to flooding.

What I'm trying to say is, I'm no saint when it comes to the environment, but I also don't want to be its worst enemy.

Vector-borne diseases will be rampant. This includes mosquitoes, ticks and fleas. These assholes carry infective pathogens, such as viruses, bacteria and protozoa. There is alarming evidence that shows the increase in Lyme disease between 2001 and 2014—our warmest years on record.

But there's more. Much of the joys in life will also take a hit. Lakes will be at risk for increasing exposure to water-related contaminants, which cause illness. Adios summers at the lake!

Climate change will affect our food, since rising carbon dioxide impacts nutritional content, and warmer temperatures lead to increased food spoilage. Extreme climate events disrupt food distribution, too. Maybe now is the time to teach the kids to garden?

OK, that's enough to make me want to meditate.

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I'm feeling guilty, because I just bought some clothes from a cheap online huge corporation. At least this article is making me think about it in terms of the environment. I was only feeling guilty for spending money two hours ago. Now I've added destruction of the globe to my list of anxieties.

What I'm trying to say is, I'm no saint when it comes to the environment, but I also don't want to be its worst enemy. I am going to get some frozen yogurt with my 4-year-old right now and here's something I've never done before: we're bringing our own spoons.

That is probably going to be weird. But I've got possible future grandchildren to look out for.

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