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It’s My Responsibility As a Mom To Own a Gun

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At nine months pregnant I marched myself into a guns and ammo store. The time had come for me to purchase my first firearm. It was unfamiliar territory. I was a little uncomfortable, but ready. For so many reasons. I wasn't raised with guns in my home and by no means am I a markswoman, but for a long time I had been processing the idea of owning a firearm and I was finally ready to exercise my second amendment right.

Before you get hot and bothered about my gun ownership, I'll lay out the appropriate disclaimers. First, I have the required permits of my state to own and carry. Second, I did not shoot during my pregnancy as there are concerns about the safety of this. Third, our family practices safe and mindful storage of both our weapons and ammunition. And, most of all, if you're not comfortable with my choice, I'm willing to cordially agree to disagree. Gun ownership isn't for everyone, and that's ok.

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Over the years I've come full circle on the topic of guns. I've felt scared by them, because they're powerful and can cause harm. I've even been mad at them because of the constant tragedies that plague our country. But slowly, with the gentle guidance of my husband and other responsible gun owners (cross my heart, there are many!), I've come to realize that guns are merely a tool. It's me who is the weapon.

Bottom line, a mama bear was born within me. If needed, I'm ready to fight with every resource available to me in order to protect my children. And that includes a firearm.

Before I had children I didn't care much for the idea of owning a gun. For me, gun ownership was full of too many unknowns. And unknowns aren't my favorite because they leave me feeling out of control. I assumed that if I was ever in a dangerous situation, I would have my phone to call for help, maybe pepper spray in my pocket to ward off an attack. But then my daughter was born. And with her, I felt an extreme responsibility to keep her safe.

For some, that idea of safety might mean getting as far away from guns as possible. But for me, it drew me closer. I wanted to gain control of the scary unknown. I wanted to learn and become equipped. I wanted to own a gun, learn everything about it, train to use it properly and become a deadly force.

Bottom line, a mama bear was born within me. If needed, I'm ready to fight with every resource available to me in order to protect my children. And that includes a firearm.

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Since purchasing my gun I've given birth and started my training. It's not easy, at almost 30 years old, to learn a new skill. But growing in my shooting ability is very important to me. It's something I'm committed to and something I look forward to practicing. With each new experience I become more confident, more accurate, and even more safe. And the more I learn about gun ownership, the more I honor and appreciate my right to carry.

I've come to believe it is my responsibility as a mom to own a firearm and with that, how to properly use it. Learning a new skill has never, ever been a detriment to a person and knowing how to safely load and fire a gun is one such skill. Even more, knowing how to disarm a gun is equally important. In the circumstance that I need to forcefully protect my family, I'll be prepared.

Will you?

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