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5 Dangerous Teen Trends You Should Know About

Back when I was a teen the craziest trend around was putting lemon juice in your hair while you sat in the sun trying to be blonde, or wearing rainbow suspenders even though your pants were in no danger of falling down. So edgy!

But things have changed, and these days the quirky, crazy things kids latch on to can actually be harmful—sometimes physically and more often to their self-esteem. Here are a few current fads that your teen might be trying (and you probably aren't aware of) that might not just be oh-so-innocent fun.

1. The A4 Challenge

Photo by: Instagram/bananapinkbeauty

This ridiculous fad asks the question: Why not get office supplies involved in the assault on women's body image? Participants using the hashtags #A4Waist and #A4WaistChallenge hide their waists behind a sheet of A4 paper—8.3 inches across—to show how thin they are. Because if your midsection can't fit behind a piece of copy paper, obviously you need to work on those sit ups instead of studying for exams or working for a living.

Luckily people are fighting back with posts like these of their own:

Photo by: Instagram/shining_star_9

2. The Duct Tape Challenge

Photo by: Instagram

Instead of using duct tape for what it was originally invented for (hemming pants and picking up cat hair) kids are wrapping each other up and seeing who can escape their sticky bonds. Sure it's a laugh riot seeing your friend flailing around like an insane, mylar mummy—until someone falls over, hits their head and possibly loses an eye like this Seattle teenager.

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How about this for a challenge: The iPad Challenge, where you use your tablet to find something else to do besides preying on the self-esteem of women.

3. The iPhone 6 Knees Challenge

Photo by: Whatsonweibo.com

Similar to the A4 Challenge, this challenge asks participants to use a commonplace object to hold their bodies up to unhealthy scrutiny. This time it's using an iPhone 6 held across one's knees – if your knees are covered, then your legs are deemed skinny enough. Who invented this craziness? How about this for a challenge: The iPad Challenge, where you use your tablet to find something else to do besides preying on the self-esteem of women.

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4. Trunking

Photo by: Instagram/_marcella.fey

Remember back when you first got your license and you immediately went to pick up all of your friends to drive them around at unsafe speeds? Thank god that can't happen anymore, since many states have rules in place to prohibit new teen drivers from driving other minors around. But teenagers (resourceful beings they are) have come up with a way around the rules: by having their friends ride in the trunks of their cars. To recap: Inexperience teen drivers hauling other teens around in the trunks of their cars. What could possibly go wrong?

5. The Salt and Ice Challenge

Photo by: Instagram/_erin_boss_

If your teen is asking for salt and ice and you suspect they might be covertly whipping up a batch of margaritas in their bedroom, think again. Chances are they're taking the Salt and Ice Challenge, where participants pour ice on their skin and then hold ice cubes on top of it until they're screaming in pain. The combination of the ice and salt causes a chemical reaction that pulls heat from the skin, sometimes resulting in second and third degree burns. Sounds like fun, right? (This challenge has actually been around for years but has seen renewed popularity in recent months, especially on YouTube.)

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