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Why I've Never Taken My Kids to the Doctor

Photograph by Twenty20

I've never taken my kids to the doctor. Ever.

My children have never been for a check-up, never been vaccinated and never taken any drugs—not even over-the-counter drugs. This may sound like child abuse to many if you fail to recognize that these kids are perfectly healthy and are being raised very differently than the average child.

As a family, we're definitely unconventional . We ditched the 9 to 5 mortgage-focused, structured rat race. We choose to work on self-development rather on curriculums and timetables. We eat whole and raw plant-based food, and not fast-food. We seek emotional and spiritual healing rather than blaming our genes. We forage wild herbs and foods for our medicine. We choose to live with faith rather than fear.

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You've probably already heard of the placebo effect where the very positive suggestion of some medicine or treatment being made actually influences the patient to manifest that healing reality, but you may not have heard of the nocebo effect. The nocebo effect is where fear tactics are used to plant a negative self-fulfilling prophecy into the patient's psyche of the "potential" dangers of a diagnosis or the risk of not following a recommended course of treatment.

I recently experienced it myself at the local dentist.

Dentist: You have signs of tooth decay and will need to have fillings.

Me: No thank you, I don't wish to have any fillings.

Dentist: If you don't have fillings you will suffer from excruciating nerve exposure and will be back complaining to me.

Me: Thanks for the advice.

Don't get me wrong, this approach is necessary for those who don't wish to take responsibility and accountability for their actions and choices, but not for people like me.

Aside from not wanting to fulfill a negative prophecy around my kid's health, I also choose not to use treatments that do nothing more than suppress the symptoms and ignore the true, root cause of the problem.

In keeping my children out of a doctor's care, I'm claiming back my rights as a parent to be the one who decides what is best for my children's health and well-being.

However you choose to look after your children's health is entirely up to you but I would recommend that whatever path you take, do not trust blindly.

Growing up, I frequently visited doctors, dentists and optometrists and, as a result, ended up with strong vision correction from 18 months old, a mouth full of fillings and a crown, and constant fatigue and digestive disturbances. The sad truth is that these practitioners don't make money unless we are sick and the more they interfere, the worse our health becomes and the more reliant we become on further intervention.

When it comes to fevers we view them as a healing opportunity for the body to cleanse rather than a potential danger. A fever is the body's natural inferno which is created to burn through morbid and diseased matter in the body before excretory pathways such as sweating, mucous deposits and eliminating feces help to sweep out the waste in order to cleanse the body of it's previously acidic, disease-inducing state.

The body will naturally desire to fast during a fever in an attempt to free-up digestive energy for cleansing the body effectively. As long as the fever is not a dry fever (i.e. plenty of fluids are taken), a fever is normally a safe and necessary detoxifying method for the human body to undergo in times of disease.

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Medical care definitely has its place and we believe emergency care is important for unnatural incidences such as car accidents and the like. For all else, we choose to doctor ourselves. I choose to safeguard my children's health using attachment parenting methods such as safe co-sleeping, babywearing and full-term, on-demand breastfeeding. Furthermore, I strive to make material sacrifices so we can provide full-time, at-home child care which enables me to tune into my children's individual day-to-day requirements for remaining balanced and healthy.

However you choose to look after your children's health is entirely up to you but I would recommend that whatever path you take, do not trust blindly. Don't settle for side effects that are as bad as the disease itself and research every avenue you come across. Because there's nothing more important than your family's health.

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Photographs by: Adele Allen

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