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These GIFs Perfectly Describe What It's Like to Have More Than 3 Kids

Do you remember those old commercials with Rachel Leigh Cook when she would furiously crack an egg and destroy the kitchen with a giant frying pan, comparing the scenario to a person on drugs?

I've always thought of those commercials when people have asked me what it's like to have four kids, because the truth is, on most days, my brain feels exactly like that sticky, awful mess. And actually, now that I think about it, most days, I'm literally cleaning something similar to that mess.

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But back to the point at hand. For those of you who are wondering what it will be like to have more than the accepted mess of three kiddos or for those of you firmly already in scrambled brain territory, I present: life with more than three kids.

1. Getting them to school on time every day like

2. Me, pretty much all day, every day

3. Trying to escape them long enough to make a phone call

4. How it feels to attempt to stay ahead of the laundry

5. Me, after any prolonged period of silence in your house

6. Whenever I ask one of them to do something I thought would be incredibly simple

7. Trying to leave the house to go anywhere

8. When you realize that from this point forward, they will be working together to conspire against you

9. Grocery shopping like

10. How it feels to feed them all day, every day.

11. When they're all talking at once and you really have no idea what's happening

12. Getting through the end of the day like

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13. Your husband finding you passed out in a random child's bedroom, every gosh darn night

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