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How-To: Fishtail Braid

Every girl loves braids, especially during the summer when the temperatures rise and hot, sticky hair is as unpleasant as a bee sting. From fishtails to boxer braids, Tina Dizon, founder of the Beverly Hills salon, The Private Room, gave us an exclusive tutorial that will make even most braid-challenged moms look like a pro. Below, follow this easy how-to to achieve: The Fishtail Braid.

Step 1: Start with a wide triangle section at the top of the head.

Step 2: Split the triangle section into two even parts.

Step 3: To begin, cross the left section over the right.

Step 4: Add a little bit of hair from the outer right side, crossing over to the left. Keep your sections steady in the back of the head, taking caution to not twist any section of hair.

Step 5: Take a section of hair from the left outer side and cross over to the right.

Step 6: Repeat the step of taking hair from the outside and crossing over to the other side until you run out of hair to grab.

Step 7: Once you run out of hair, take the right outer side and cross over the left, take the left outer side and cross over. Repeat.

Step 8: Secure with a ponytail holder.

The Result: A swimmingly good looking braid that will look as good in the water as it does outside.


  • The fishtail inherently loosens, so try to keep the head as still as possible.
  • If one side is tighter than the other, lightly pull the strands to loosen and balance.

To follow Tina and to stay up-to-date with the latest hairstyle trends, follow her at: Instagram, The Private Room on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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