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Yes, I Own a Gun : 11 Moms Share Why They Carry

Photograph by Miramax/Photofest

I recently shared the why behind my decision to purchase a gun and begin firearm training. It was a decision I didn’t take lightly and although the gun ownership conversation is often met with opposition, I was encouraged to see that I’m not the only mom pursuing this element of personal safety. I mean, in this world, can we really be too prepared or over trained when it comes to protecting our families?

Some moms I spoke with were raised with guns in their home. For them, guns have always been a part of every day life. They’re respected by all and introduced at a young age. For hunting, home protection, and hobby, guns are a frequently accessed fixture in their home.

Other moms have been forced outside of their comfort zone when it comes to guns. Their husbands travel often or they live in a less than ideal neighborhood. For them, they’ve taken necessary precautions to stay safe. That safety isn’t linked to merely owning a gun, it’s connected to adequate training behind having a gun in their home. These moms didn’t buy a gun like they’d buy a new pair of shoes. Rather, they’ve researched, studied, invested funds, and spent time practicing the art of shooting over and over and over again. I commend each of these women for evaluating how they can best care for their families in regard to safety.

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Read on to hear why these moms, in their own words, have chosen to carry and keep guns in their home.

"I carry because, God forbid, I'm placed in a situation where I cannot defend my kids with my hands, I'm prepared to use lethal force to keep my children and myself safe. Just carrying gives me a better piece of mind in heavily populated areas. In today's day and age with all the mass shootings, I refuse to be a victim." - Rachel W.

"As a former law enforcement officer I recognize that violent attacks can be sudden and short. Even the best police response times can leave officers able only to apprehend the suspect and render aid to victims and/or their loved ones. My choice to carry (on a limited basis) today is so I can prevent such an attack from occurring at all." -Melody K.

"I've seen firsthand what not having a gun in a threatening situation can do. Being in a situation where I am unable to protect my babies is the scariest situation of all. I need to know that I'm in control and could potentially stop a threat if anyone threatens my children's lives or my own! That's why I carry a gun!" -Wife of a survivor of the 2009 Fort Hood shooting

"I call it home security. Fear has been instilled in me through the media, whether fiction or fact.  Home invasions, predators and assaults all in nearby areas surrounding my home.  The last thing I want is to become a victim. My husband is military and a marksman instructor so I feel very comfortable in his training, safety, storage and importance of protecting our family if it became necessary." -Gabrielle H.

I refuse to allow harm to befall my family because I wasn't prepared...

"I don’t own a gun because I’m fearful. I own a gun because being trained and equipped for unknown situations is a wise choice for myself and those I am honored to care for." -Katie R.

"My husband and I each own a handgun in order to protect our home and children. To me, it is my 4th defense behind an alarm system, a German Shepherd and the Marine who sleeps beside me, but sometimes he is not here. Our guns are safely stored and unloaded and our kids are very educated on what can happen if they touch our guns." -Leanne K.*

"I own a gun because it's my responsibility to protect my family and my home in the event of an emergency. When my husband is away or traveling I take comfort in knowing that in the worst of situations I can better keep my children safe. I advise all families to consider taking courses and learning about proper and safe gun use including proper storage. It can be empowering if done correctly." -Andrea D.

"Because when seconds count, the police are minutes away! I keep it locked up, hire only babysitters that would be able to use my gun to defend themselves and my children from intruders, and I shoot regularly for fun to minimize my own fears and sharpen my skills. Until I posses the ninja skills to take down a six-foot tall man aimed to do me or my children harm I WILL have a gun on hand. When hubby works late and the kids are in bed, my Glock often sits next to me on the sofa. Not because I'm paranoid, but because I live in an affluent 'target neighborhood' and people are crazy." -Alissa H.

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"I firmly believe in our right to own guns. My husband is a hunter and thus, we have guns in our house. They are kept in a locked and password protected safe away from my son. My son is 3 years old and has already been exposed to our guns. He watches when my husband cleans them and gets ready to go hunting. When he's older, we'll teach him how to use guns safely and require he take a safety course. We use our guns to provide food for our family and for protection. As a mom, I'm prepared to use a gun if I need to in order to protect my family." -Diane H.

"We have firearms in our home. With that choice, we have the responsibility to keep them in secure locations where our children can't get a hold of them. I have taken firearm safety classes and have practiced at a shooting range many times. As a first response, I also try to keep a safety mindset by being aware of my surroundings—where I park my car, who I see wandering the park, and keeping our doors locked at home. I believe it's my duty as a mom to protect my babies. If someone enters into my home to cause harm, I have no problem using lethal force to protect my family." -Sarah D.

"I carry because I refuse to be a victim. I refuse to allow harm to befall my family because I wasn't prepared and I refuse to allow fear to rule my life. God knows I hope I never need it, but I will defend my family and home and out and about, as is my right. This I constantly train for, and my kids will be raised to respect that firearms are a tool, not a toy." -Felicia S.


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