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5 Times My Kids Embarrassed the Hell Out of Me

Photograph by Getty Images

Kids are known for saying the darndest things. Their lack of filter often keeps us in stitches. But there are also those moments when we become too embarrassed by their actions that laughter is the furthest thing from our minds because we are too busy doing damage control. That said, here are 5 most funny and embarrassing kid moments I'll never forget.

1. The time our son put his face in a lady's butt

We are usually pretty good about keeping an eye on our kids at all times, especially in public. But, we only looked away for a split second when our 1-year-old decided to bury his head in a lady's butt. She was standing in front of us on line and didn't see it coming. The lady immediately turned around to find out who the little butt muncher was and saw our son staring back at her smiling. My husband and I apologized profusely and she insisted that it was OK, but I could help feeling embarrassed.

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2. Public tantrums

I'm sure every parent can relate to this classic embarrassing moment. We've all been through this at some point and it's never easy. Just the other day my daughter and I were at the grocery and she had a fit because I refused to buy one of her favorite treats. All of a sudden she began screaming at the top of her lungs over and over, "You hurt me!"

I looked around to find people staring back at us. I kept my composure because the last thing I needed was for someone calling the authorities. Thankfully, they didn't.

3. Setting off the alarm

Like any other day, my family and I were hanging out in the kitchen. Then out of nowhere our toddler stood up on the table and set off the alarm. It only took a few minutes for the Police to arrive. My husband and I answered the door thinking a quick explanation that our son was culprit who accidentally called them. There were two cop cars positioned in front of our house and I prayed that they wouldn't accuse of child abuse.

After further questioning, they realized all was fine. At the time, we were too freaked out to even snicker. But later that night my husband and I enjoyed a nice belly laugh.

4. Creating art on my work desk (actually on it)

Taking your child to work is something my daughter looks forward to. For some reason her school schedule conflicted with my work schedule on one particular day, so my husband agreed to pick her up from my job on his way home.

The plan was for her to watch TV and do artwork. But little did I know that she'd end up drawing all over my work desk. I was actually finishing up a broadcast when I heard my co-worker compliment her on doing such a great job. I walked into the office and did a double take. My jaw hit the ground when I saw what she'd done.

"I thought you knew," my co-worker said.

"I had know idea," I replied in horror.

It so happened that my husband was stuck in traffic and was running late. My patience wore thin so I snapped a photo of what just happened and sent it to him, begging him to hurry up.

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5. Interrupting my live weather report

As it turned out, creating artwork was just the tip of the iceberg. I was in the middle of a live weather report when out of the corner of my eye I saw my daughter inching toward me. I tried to give a signal for her to move away from the camera. But rather than stepping backwards, she stepped into view. I was mortified. Needless to say, viewers caught a glimpse of my 5-year-old wannabe meteorologist for a day. Her dad later asked why she did it and she answered, "I just wanted to be on TV."

Photographs by: Stacy-Ann Gooden

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