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10 Things Every Parent Should Learn So We Don't Hold Back Our Kids

Photograph by Instagram

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are my current parenting heroes. It’s not just because Chrissy somehow seems to be rocking teeny-tiny denim shorts everywhere she goes just months after giving birth to baby Luna. No, Chrissy and John are my parenting heroes because they are going to learn to swim. And it’s all because of their daughter.

See, neither the model nor her crooner husband ever learned to swim. Tiegen admits that neither she nor Legend have a fear of the water, “We just didn’t have water in our face when we were growing up.” And so neither ever learned to swim. But now that the two are parents, Tiegen admits her inability to swim could hold her daughter back. She wants to experience teaching her daughter to swim and to be able to swim with her and admits that she’s currently helpless in the water. So Chrissy and her husband are going to change that by getting in the water and learning for themselves.

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It seems so simple, but Tiegen’s comments are a great parenting message to which I can totally relate. This summer, both my kids started taking tennis lessons. My husband plays with them on the weekends, but I’m left out because I can’t play. As I watched my family head off to the tennis court one day, I started Googling local tennis lessons for adults. Though I’m not particularly interested in playing, I am interested in being able to be a part of whatever my kids are into.

Whether it’s swimming, tennis, skiing or biking, our kids are all going to show interest in things we never learned to do and thinks we actually don't want to do. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be left in the dust. Here’s what I’m going to get good at just so I can keep up with my crew.

1. Skiing

It’s safe to assume that my 5-year-old and I will be in the same ski skill-level class and she’ll probably be zipping down black diamond hills long before me, but I’m determined to learn to family ski trips are in our future.

2. Swimming

While I can swim, I’m not a terribly strong swimmer. My son has recently gotten into surfing and boogie boarding and he needs a strong ocean swimmer by his side. I guess that’s going to be me, after I spend the summer working on treading water and swimming.

3. Roller-Coasters

I’m not afraid to admit I’m terrified of roller-coasters and most amusement park rides. But as my kids get older, I know they’re going to want to go to Magic Mountain and other theme parks. While I’ll beg my husband to be the ride parent, I’m determined to get over my fear of being propelled upside down so that I can ride with my kids.

4. Bike-Riding

I can ride, but I’m not exactly great at it. My kids love hopping on their bikes and riding to get an ice cream a few streets away. Since I don’t have a bike, I’m left chasing after them instead of joining in the fun. So I suppose I’ll be getting a bike and reminding myself how to ride.

5. Heights

Bridges and tall building make my stomach churn, but I don’t want to say “meet you at the bottom” if my kids want to see the Empire State Building or go to the top of the Eiffel Tower someday.

6. Scary Stuff

You know those moms who love horror movies and Halloween? I’m not one of them! But my 8-year-old loves scary stuff, so I’m trying to take a deep breath through his fascination so I can join in the fun.

7. Baking

I know at some point in my time as a parent my kid are going to ask me to bake them cupcakes or a birthday cake. Instead of saying, “I have no idea how!” I’m going to break out the old cookbooks (or Google search) and figure it out.

8. Video Games

It feels like my son is speaking another language when he talks "Minecraft" or "Boom Beach." But there’s no reason I can’t learn how to play myself. Who says moms can’t be gamers, too?

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9. Snapchat

Snapchat (and just about every other app my kid is obsessed with) totally baffles me, but I’m determined to stay current and see what all the fuss is about. Who knows? Maybe my kids and I will have a blast face-swapping!

10. Camping

I’m more of a hotel kind of a gal, but I do recognize that camping could be super fun for kids. So I’m willing to break out the sleeping bags and sleep under the stars so my kids can experience the joys of the great outdoors.

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