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Awesome STEAM Stuff

Photograph by Getty Images/Hero Images

STEM — science, technology, engineering and math — is just about the hottest trend around ... unless you count STEAM, which adds art to the mix. With its emphasis on problem-solving, curiosity and tinkering, STEAM education may pave the way to the types of jobs today's kids will be competing for in tomorrow's world. The great news is that whether your kid is a math and science pro or you'd like to do creative-tech projects as a family, you can find a wide range of TV shows, games and resources to keep them hooked and make STEM and STEAM a part of your life.

The Ultimate STEAM Guide

STEM Tools for All Ages
Kids can sharpen their STEM skills as they engage in rich interactive activities and hear inspirational stories.

STEAM-y Digital Creativity Guide
For the creatively inclined, these picks let kids become creators of the technology they use.


15 Ways to Win the Science Fair
Make that tri-fold poster come alive with media and technology resources that motivate kids — and actually teach something, too.

Science TV Shows for Couch Potatoes
Out-of-this-world programs packed with action and learning.

Play-and-Learn Tools for Budding Scientists
Apps, games and websites that inspire curiosity with hands-on activities.


Coding Essentials
Encourage kids to be creators of technology, not just consumers.

Apps for Dash and Dot Robots
From simple commands to complex programs, you can make your Dash and Dot robots do your bidding with these apps.


Create-as-You-Play Games
Your kid's favorite hobby could become an awesome outlet for his or her imagination.

Must-Haves for Mechanical Minds
Budding gearheads can take their tinkering to the next level with this selection of products that are all about making things work.


Apps for Aspiring Artists
Express yourself!

Perfect Picks for the Next Picasso
Turn your device into a pocket-sized canvas.


Fun with Numbers!
Games, activities, and skills practice for all math levels.

Books for Kids Who Love Math and Science
Engaging stories for experimenters, coders, and puzzle solvers.

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