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Yeah, It's Irrational But We Are Never, Ever Feeding These to Our Kids

Photograph by Twenty20

Most moms restrict certain foods due to nutritional deficiencies or the way the food makes their kid behave (have you ever noticed that the lower quality the candy, the lower quality the behavior?) But some moms draw the line for arbitrary or personal reasons. Here are some foods moms refuse to feed their kids for unexpected reasons.

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Dinosaur-shaped frozen chicken nuggets in the shape of dinosaurs.

It has nothing to do with their questionable nutritional value and everything to do with the nauseating smell of those things when you first take them frozen out of the bag. I babysat one summer for a kid and that was all the boy would eat. I STILL RECALL THE STENCH.

—Leeandra N., mom of one

Sugar cereal

I'm pretty laid back about what my kid eats, but I won't let him have sugary cereal. You want to eat an ice cream sandwich for lunch? Why not, it's a sandwich! But I totally associate sugary cereal with trashiness. It has nothing to do with nutrition.

—Amy B., mom of one

Fruit rollups

I get squeamish just thinking about them. I remember kids at school when I was young wrapping them around their fingers and sucking on them (shudder).

—Amy V., mom of one

Chocolate milk

Or any sugary drinks like juice. Probably because I'm a sweet drink addict (diet pop for me) and I know how easy it is to get hooked on them.

—Joanne B., mom of one


They CREEP me out. The smell of someone chewing them makes me queasy.

—Lale K., mom of one

Fruit-flavored candy

I don't see the point of candy unless it's chocolate, for children or adults—a waste of teeth brushing. Is fake fruit taste really good enough to be worth it? No.

—Susan K., mom of one


I don't mind anyone including myself chewing it, but anywhere outside of the mouth (on a plate or cup for later, wrapped around a finger, in a long string) is a phobia. Ew, I just threw up in my mouth a little writing that.

—Sarah T., mom of two


Purely because I can't stand how they smell.

—Brooke G., mom of two

Chewy fruit snacks

Either eat some actual fruit or eat some actual dessert. I don’t understand what the point of fruit snacks is, other than to cause cavities.

—Claire, mom of two

Pop Tarts

Now, I LOVE Pop Tarts. I haven't eaten them in years, because I had to draw a line in the sand for myself, but they are my kryptonite. My kids are really hard to feed at breakfast in part because they don't wake up hungry, so it's a real struggle to get them to WANT to eat anything before school. And I know they would love Pop Tarts. But, while I've given in to a lot of less than ideal breakfast food in the name of filling their stomachs, I feel like the mighty Pop Tart is the one threshold I have to resist crossing. It feels like surrender.

—Heather C., mom of two

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Most anything else I'm fine with in moderation. But soda just seems like liquid death and I figure she'll discover it on her own eventually.

—Micol H., mom of one

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