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Teacher Doesn't Assign Homework, Internet Rejoices

A Facebook post, shared by a mom whose kid seems to have a pretty rad teacher, has set fire to the entire internet.

Apparently Mrs. Brandy Young did some research over the summer and came to the conclusion that assigning tons of homework basically sucks, and kids should be kids and hang out with their families more. She cites research that says spending time interacting with family is crucial to student success, and therefore, homework will only be what the kiddo wasn't able to finish while at school that day.

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This Facebook post has been shared nearly 60,000 times because parents everywhere are setting off firecrackers over this amazing—and shall we say revolutionary?—idea. For Mrs. Young's students, they will no longer be required to complete extra work in the afternoons and evenings.

Going to school is hard work, and leaving those few precious hours between school and bedtime open to the family is amazing.

The overall subject of homework is definitely controversial. Some arguments against it include the notion that homework leads to an overvaluing of the work itself to the disservice of family time and family bonds. It also tends to disadvantage kids who don't have a good support system at home (nor a good place to complete the homework itself).

Other studies do show there are benefits to be had, including higher overall scores and a greater understanding of the work itself, especially when it comes to mathematics. However, these benefits are more universally gained when kids are in grades 7 through 12, as opposed to K through 6.

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In this case, it looks like the teacher works in an elementary school, where kids stay with one teacher for most of the day, and also in a grade where assigned homework doesn't really improve anything for anybody (except, possibly, the resentment level of a kid for her school and/or her teacher).

And I say bravo. Young kids spend a ton of time at school every day as it is. Going to school is hard work, and leaving those few precious hours between school and bedtime open to the family is amazing. Maybe more elementary school teachers will be inspired by Mrs. Young's policy, and if so, I have a feeling those kids and their parents will definitely be on board with that.

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