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How to Turn Those Parenting Lemons Into Lemonade

Photograph by Andrea Wada Davies

The key to living a happy life is approaching your position, whatever it may be, with a positive attitude—because how we choose to view a situation can make all the difference in how we experience life. We can either be pulled under by challenge or adversity or flip the script and rise above becoming better, happier people for it.

This rings true more than ever when you're a parent. Something that we may initially see as a negative thing when you have kids can actually be awesome, given the right outlook. As the old saying goes, "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade."

We've heard it from our moms, our grade school teachers and yes, even from Beyoncé. Here are 16 ways to turn 16 seemingly sour parenting situations sweet. Life is all about perspective, right?

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1. Use your post-baby saggy belly skin to hide your chocolate in the folds.

2. Peeing in your pants when you laugh is a sign that you're happy.

You literally just laughed so hard you peed. When you soak a whole adult diaper buy yourself some new jeans. Double the happy! And new jeans.

3. Can't fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes? Use your old clothes as aprons and body napkins for when you eat messy burritos and drink red wine.

Or make them into quilts and use them to cover your legs when you're sitting on the couch eating chocolate and drinking more red wine while watching TV. See how easy this is?

4. Did you just step on Legos? Or rather f**king Legos!

Use the fresh wound on the bottom of your tender foot to get out of that jewelry party you begrudgingly committed to.

5. Make delicious bread pudding with all the crusts from your wasteful kids' stupid sandwiches.

6. Find an old smelly sippy cup? Use it to wake up your husband who sleeps in far too late on your child-filled weekends.

Or grow a mold culture and learn some science.

7. When your kids complain about the meal you just spent two hours lovingly making, go to the freezer, throw each kid a Hot Pocket, throw deuces in the air and shout "PEACE!" and then leave and drive to Vegas.

OK, not really, but the fantasy is awesome.

8. Use your mountain of dirty laundry to hide behind while you get in 20 minutes of stalking Chris Hemsworth on Instagram.

Maybe more like 10 minutes. Hell, even if it's only 30 seconds of stalking Chris Hemsworth on Instagram, you'll emerge from those dingy whites with a smile on your face feeling like a whole new woman. G'day mate! Also, you can hide your chocolate in that, too.

9. Didn't get to shower today? You may be ripe and funky, but you're conserving water.

You're doing your part. Yay, you!

10. Sleep-deprived? Pretend it was because you were out all night at a sick club, dancing with drink in the air, getting hit on by all the 20-somethings.

And don't forget how amazing it will be when that coffee touches your lips.

11. When your baby blows out on your friend's white couch, well, at least now she knows not to have a white couch if she ever has kids.

You just gave her a heads up. Nice work.

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12. When your toddler is throwing a tantrum in the scrapbooking aisle at Michaels, you'll have to leave immediately and thus not be tempted to buy anything related to scrapbooking.

I don't care what you say, and how anti-scrapbooking you think you are, no one is totally immune to buying those tiny, 3-D barbecue grill and spatula stickers. No one I tell you.

13. Your little monster threw your favorite discontinued lipstick in the toilet? That sucks, I know. But, hey you've been wearing that color since the Spice Girls were together.

How 'bout updating your look, toots?

14. You had to trade your Volkswagen Golf in for a minivan. You loved that trusty old Golf! But turns out you love sliding doors, captain's chairs, and all those glorious cup holders even more.

Can you say, "Volks-has-been"?

15. You can't get your toddler to stay in her bed all night? Lucky you.

You get to cuddle and snuggle with your little peanut while she's still small enough to let you do it.

16. Your nights of spontaneous, late dinners and hours of quiet time are but a distant memory. But look what you've traded it in for: nights of spontaneous dance parties, elaborate fort building and giggle fests with incredible little miniature versions of yourself.

There's nothing sweeter than that.

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