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The Most Embarrassing Reasons Moms Got THAT Phone Call from School

Photograph by Twenty20

As moms, it’s something we never think will happen to us—not with our perfect little angles—but then, it happens. The phone call comes from your child’s school, and you’re left speechless and mortified. These are those times:

“My daughter’s school called to inform me that she had bitten someone. Bitten someone! My daughter! I was shocked and absolutely mortified. You never, ever expect to hear that…” – Natalie C.

“My son was conjugating verbs in class. He had to write his own, for example: 1. I write 2. You write 3. He writes. His teacher called to inform us that he was writing out 1. I fart 2. You fart 3. He farts. He completed the project by writing out a full sentence: I farted in my chair in school. His teacher called me up to tell me all about how this is not appropriate. I was so embarrassed, but also secretly laughing inside. His dad was just proud.” – Cara O.

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“The most embarrassing call I ever got from school was to let me know that my 5-year-old decided he couldn’t make it to the bathroom and just started peeing in the planter at recess. I died.” – Cassie M.

“When my daughter was in Pre-K, I got a phone call from her teacher a few weeks in. One of the kids' grandpas had dropped them off and was wearing an eyepatch. My daughter walked up to him and asked him if he was a real pirate! Complete with her best pirate impersonation. I had to explain to her that we should try to keep most observations of others to ourselves.” – Samantha P.

“My 3-year-old son dropped his pants in the middle of class. We’re still working on that whole private parts thing… I guess it’s not going as well as I had thought.” – Rebecca Y.

“My daughter has two older brothers, so she loves potty humor. When she started preschool, I got a call within the first week! She was holding her pencil between her legs and running around the classroom yelling, 'I have a peeeeenis!' I was so mortified!” - Nancy W.

In the middle of class she stood up and declared to everyone, 'I’m not wearing any panties!'

“My daughter was three and newly potty trained. She was really excited about this fact, and obviously, very proud of herself. One morning, we were in such a hurry and I had let her dress herself. Well, it turns out she missed something… In the middle of class she stood up and declared to everyone, 'I’m not wearing any panties!'" – Lindsey N.

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“My 4-year-old son was waiting for the swing at recess and growing impatient, as toddlers do. When he thought it was his turn, he yelled at the kid in the swing, “Are you f**king done yet?!” I don’t know where he picked that one up.” – Jessie T.

“When my son was in preschool, he announced to his teacher that he and his girlfriend were going to grow up and have sex and get married! That was embarrassing!” – Vanessa L.

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