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How Young Is Too Young to Wax Your Kid?

Photograph by Getty Images

My son’s best friend is the most adorable little girl.

She’s wonderful, spunky, cute and a perfect match for my boy. Her mom is a little worried about one little thing though… one little cosmetic thing:

The little girl has a bit of a unibrow.

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In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s simple. She has an eyebrow that’s a little too bushy. It goes across her whole head and looks like a single eyebrow. I do need to note, however, it’s really not bad. And the fact is she’s adorable with or without it.

We were at the beach with our friends and she mentioned, or actually she wondered, “How young is too young to wax that eyebrow?”

My first thought was, “Holy crap. She’s not even five yet. She’s so cute. You don’t need to wax her eyebrow.”

But my second thought was, “Well, she’s kind of got a unibrow, so maybe she should wax it.”

Then we got into the discussion.

So I ask you, how young is too young?

I’ve seen babies with earrings. And with all due respect to anyone who is reading this with babies with earrings… WHY THE EFF ARE YOU PUTTING EARRINGS ON YOUR BABY?! Yet as silly and nonsensical I think you are for putting earrings on your baby, I don’t think you’re wrong or bad parent.

I also think kids are cruel and shitty. They often take after their parents who are also cruel and shitty. So perhaps fixing those eyebrows will save this awesome kid from some cruel and shitty behavior.

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I've been going through this in my head over and over again and I’m truly back and forth on the issue. At the end I’ve come to the conclusion that she should totally get her eyebrows waxed.

As long as babies in the world wear earrings and TV networks insist on airing such programs as “Toddlers and Tiaras,” I think that an awesome little girl getting her eyebrows waxed is no big deal.

Now I just have to make an appointment to get my back waxed, because I’m disgusting.

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