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What I'm Dreading About the Toddler Years

My dad has often said that the best quality of pain is that you can’t remember how it feels once it passes. Of course after becoming a mom, I realize he was talking about the physical kind of pain, not the emotional variety. I know this because the emotional pain of having a toddler can linger and scar even long after your child is no longer an actual toddler.

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My oldest daughter turned 4 in early August, which we celebrated with Minnie Mouse decorations, pizza, cake and a bottle of vodka followed by a case of microbrew beer. The food and decorations were for her, and the alcohol was for me and my husband—to attempt to numb the lingering emotional pain from her toddler years.

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She’s a darling, sweet girl, full of personality and even more personality. Did I mention she has lots of personality? As she officially starts pre-K this autumn, it’s safe to say she’s no longer a toddler. While it’s been a fabulous few years, it's been a fabulously long few years.

My younger daughter turns 1 at the end of August, at which time she’ll officially be a toddler. While I welcome the delightful changes we’re seeing in her already, I nevertheless feel a pit in my stomach knowing what lies ahead of us since we’re just recovering from it now with my older daughter. There’s so much loveliness that comes in the toddler years. If only it weren't accompanied by such blindingly painful migraines. And hangovers from all the alcohol to recover from the migraines.

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