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Mother and Toddler Son Fall Onto Train Tracks

A mother carrying her 4-year-old son fell onto the tracks of Cambridge’s Kendall Square Station outside Boston during rush hour on Wednesday, coming dangerously close to the electrified third rail.

Video surveillance shows a distracted 36-year-old Meera Thakrar walking off the platform toward the Northbound train, which had arrived on the opposite track. “I thought the train was right on this platform but it was on the [other] platform,” Thakrar told WCVB-TV. “It was real stupid of me.”

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Two bystanders, who left the scene unidentified, rushed to the aid of the mother and her son, who thankfully did not sustain any injuries.

“I’ve never seen anything like this involving a mother and a child both falling into a pit,” MBTA spokesman Joe Pesaturo told the Boston Herald, adding that while the man and the woman who rescued the mother and son should be praised, it's extremely dangerous to go onto the tracks. "It’s always best to immediately notify an MBTA employee so that we can alert nearby train crews and shut off the power to the third rail as soon as possible."

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“Whoever saved me, thanks to him,” Thakrar told WCVB-TV. “They were there to protect us. God sent them for us.”

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