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Why Yes, Actually, I Am Voting With My Vagina

On November 8, I will cast my ballot proudly and passionately for Hillary Rodham Clinton, and I will do so—as many of those expressing criticism of HRC and her women supporters have suggested—WITH MY VAGINA.

Yes, that's right. I am voting with my vagina. AND IT FEELS GLORIOUS. It feels EXCEPTIONAL. IT FEELS LIKE I MUST DANCE AND SING RIGHT NOW AS I TYPE THIS. Because, here's the thing. It has become increasingly clear throughout this election cycle that this election has EVERYTHING to do with gender and what it means to be a woman today, yesterday and most importantly, tomorrow.

1. I am voting with my vagina because I CANNOT VOTE without one. I am a woman and a mother and I will ALWAYS vote as a woman and a mother first. And the issues that are most important to me as a HUMAN are also the issues that are most important to me as a woman and mother. Issues, like K-12 Education and LGBT rights, gun violence protection and racial justice, universal health care that includes mental health services, prison and criminal-justice reform, campus sexual assault, women's reproductive rights and, of course, the environment.

2. I am voting with my vagina because I am appalled and disgusted by men like Trump. And Pence. And Paul Ryan who are anti-woman, anti-equality and anti-choice to the point of criminalization. Because MY BODY is not up for debate. Nor are my sisters' bodies. My daughters' bodies. ANY. WOMAN'S. BODY.

3. I am voting with my vagina because Hillary will continue to fight for women's reproductive freedom, repeal the Hyde amendment to ensure low-income women have access to safe reproductive care and promote sexual education across america.

4. I am voting with my vagina because Hillary's opponent thinks vaginas are his to grab, that bragging about sexual assault is "locker room banter" and that as a man in a position of power, he has the right to undermine, harass, insult and humiliate women PUBLICLY. AND THAT IS NOT OK. EVER.

5. I am voting with my vagina because have friends who have had to go back to work before they have even healed from their C-sections. Because 12 weeks of paid-leave SHOULD BE A BASIC HUMAN RIGHT.

6. I am voting with my vagina because while "gender shouldn't play a role in politics," it does. It plays a role in every aspect of every woman and girl's life and this election is PROOF. OF THAT. AT. EVERY. TURN.

7. I am voting with my vagina because I have been raped. I have been assaulted. Because I AM RAISING THREE DAUGHTERS knowing that I cannot protect them from either. Meanwhile, Hillary has plans in place to INCREASE PREVENTION WITH CONSENT EDUCATION and that, in my opinion, is LONG, LONG, LONG, LONG overdue.

8. I am voting with my vagina because as a society we have have empowered assholes like Trump with our enabling. And now we must work together to dismantle the culture that created him. And that starts with flexing our V power at the polls.

9. I am voting with my vagina because Hillary represents a well-thought-out think piece while Trump represents the anonymous trolls that lurk in every YouTube comment section.

10. I am voting with my vagina because it is important that my son witness female leadership, to recognize that a husband can support his wife as "first man" and not be intimidated or envious of said position.

11. I am voting with my vagina because, in the words of Michelle Obama, "THE MEASURE OF ANY SOCIETY IS HOW IT TREATS ITS WOMEN AND GIRLS," and on November 8, I get to choose between "GIRL POWER!" and "GIRLS, COWER."

I am voting with my vagina because I have the choice to CONDEMN or CONDONE a culture that berates women for being WOMEN and sexualizes little girls.

And I choose condemn.

12. I am voting with my vagina because I am as proud to be a woman as I am to support one. And watching the way this election has played out, I've never wanted to support women more—at. every. single. level. Because not only does Hillary Clinton have more political experience than any presidential candidate in history, she also has more FEMALE experience than any presidential candidate in history. And for me, as a woman AND as an American voter, that is EVERYTHING I need to know.

I will vote with my vagina because I want a female to represent my neighborhood, my state and, yes, my country. I want mothers and sisters and teachers and activists and human beings who have lived female lives and experienced female experiences to be the faces of change because men—specifically white cis men—have been running shit since the beginning of time. I will do everything in my power to elect those whose policies I agree with and support who have ALSO struggled TEN and TWENTY times harder because of their gender, race and/or sexual orientation.

Because EQUALITY will ONLY COME when the scale has been tipped, and voting for women, supporting women—applauding and promoting and rallying behind women—is the only way for that to happen.

13. I am voting with my vagina because Trump is certifiably, undeniably, dangerously unstable, unintelligent and unintelligible, not to mention anti-vagina (unless he's trying to take one over) and anti-American (unless he's trying to take us over). And I cannot wait to SAY NO to everything he stands for and YES to Hillary Clinton as President.

And so, HEAR THIS: On November 8, I will take my vagina to the polls and together we will vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton as the 45th president of the United States of America. Rain, shine or menstrual blood coming out of our whatevers, amen.

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