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Before You Flip Out About the Kids' Water Bottle Obsession ...

Photograph by Youtube

Thunk! Thunk! Thunk!

What's that sound? If you are the mom of teen or tween boys, you already know what that noise is.

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I posted an article about the bottle flipping craze on my Facebook wall, and within minutes my mom friends were complaining about how annoying that dull, never-ending, mind-numbing the sound is.


What is that?


I told you to cut that out…


Why are you still doing that!?!

After Mike Senatore perfectly flipped a water bottle and had it land upright on a table at his high school talent show, everyone wanted to imitate it. And thus the water bottle flip was born.

I know. We've already been through a lot of these trends at our house. The kendama. The yo-yo. The Chinese yo-yo. The Diabolo (which is the same thing as a Chinese yo-yo, but with a fancier name).

And annoying as it is to have objects flying around your house and landing clumsily on your floors and furniture, there are worse things your tweens could be doing. They're not sexting … or playing violent video games … or smoking cigarettes behind the 7-11. Really, I'm all for any activity that gets kids away from their screens and interacting with things in the real world. They might develop thumb muscles not used during texting. It's practically a physics lesson in mass, torque, center of gravity and such to figure out the optimal level of water and angle to flick the wrist to make the bottle land upright instead of flopping on its side and rolling under the couch, where it will turn funky and slowly leak into the floorboards.

We've seen other viral activities involving household items (remember the Cinnamon Challenge?), but bottle flipping doesn't even pose much risk of injury. Maybe someone will sprain a thumb. Or break a vase. That sounds ridiculously wholesome.

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And unlike the kendama, yo-yo, or Chinese yo-yo, water bottles barely even cost anything. I bet you have a case of them riding around the trunk of your car already.

The only bad thing about the water bottle flipping trend is that it will soon be passé, like those boxes full of Beyblades I have stored in the garage. Enjoy this moment, because before we know it, kids will be on to the next trend.

I can only hope they re-discover Kick the Can…

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