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If Fairy Tales Were About Moms, This Is What They Should Look Like

Photograph by Twenty20

If you’re the mom of little ones, you have read your fair share of fairy tales. Princesses and princes and magic apples and fairy godmothers, if only … right? Forget Cinderella and Snow White, these are the fairy tales moms wish would come true.

1. “The Princess and the Tired Baby”

The sweet little prince cries night after night and his mama doesn’t know why. Is he hungry, does he have gas, is he lonely? His mother tries everything and nothing works. Then one night, in utter exhaustion, she gives him the pacifier that everyone told her was a bad idea. And he sleeps. The baby sleeps!

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2. “The Wicked Queen Comes to Visit”

With her mother-in-law planning a visit and her husband oblivious to the potential drama, the tired and frantic new mom cleans and cooks and drives herself crazy. But little does she know she now has the magic key to her mother-in-law’s heart and enduring family peace: a new grandchild.

3. “The Princess Takes a Long Nap”

Instead of kissing her awake, he simply covered her with a blanket and closed the bedroom door.

She didn’t mean to, but the exhausted mother fell into a deep, long sleep while the baby was napping. Her husband found her sprawled on the bed, baby spit up on her T-shirt and bits of goldfish crackers in her hair. Instead of kissing her awake, he simply covered her with a blanket and closed the bedroom door. And the poor mama slept and slept in peace.

4. “The Fairy Godmother”

It seemed too good to be true, but it was. The Princess put on her prettiest dress, grabbed her purse, left the diaper bag on the table and took her husband’s arm as she headed out into the starlit night. The Fairy Godmother had arrived, in the form of the college-aged babysitter with a reasonable flat rate who said those magic words that make a mom swoon, “Stay out as late as you want and have a great time!”

5. “The Princess Gets a Day Off”

It’s all work and no play for the poor, tired princess. She can’t remember the last time she took a shower, her hair is dull and dry (as are her nails), and all she longs for is a nap. She thinks no one notices how burnt out she is, but one day her devoted spouse presents her with the most enchanted gift of all: a trip to a day spa!

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6. “The Princess and the Flexible Part-Time Job”

She wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, but she also needed to contribute to the household budget. What was a poor mother to do? She hunted high and low and eventually found a very likable and understanding boss who agreed to let her work-from-home two days a week and provided childcare when she came to the office. It was a dream come true!

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