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Comedian Louis C.K. Is So Right: 'A Mother Just Does It'

Photograph by TBS

With just a few days to go before the presidential election, people are starting to get frantic. There are the staunch Hillary Clinton supporters, the proud Donald Trump backers and those fleeing for Canada because they find neither candidate appealing. It's an unprecedented, epic showdown that has the world biting its nails and holding its breath.

Comedian Louis C.K. doesn't quite understand the fuss, however. Appearing on "Conan" earlier this week, C.K. told Conan O'Brien the choice is black and white: "We need somebody who can take abuse. Hillary Clinton can take abuse."

The reason? She's a mom. It's just what they do.

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"It's really exciting to have the first mother in the White House," C.K. said. "It's not about the first woman, it's about the first mom. ... A mother just does it. She feeds you and teaches you, she protects you, she takes care of shit. We've had 240 years of fathers. Bald father, fat father, every kind of father."

Not that there's anything wrong with fathers, mind you. "Fathers are OK," he said. It's just that "a great father can give a kid 40 percent of his needs top. Any mother, just a shit mother, just a not even trying mother—200 percent."

There have been centuries of debate over the role of women in society, generations of discussions about nature vs. nurture, women's rights, working moms vs. stay-at-home moms, work-life balance, Tiger moms and French moms, dad bods over mom bods, and equal pay in the workplace. Moms have spent countless hours wringing their hands over what it means to be a good mom, the profound subtleties of liking—and disliking—motherhood, and whether they really even wanted to be a mom. Moms have devoted infinite books, blogs, websites, discussions, lectures, laments, poems, tears, speeches, TV shows, films, public radio interviews, cups of coffees and bottles of wine on the last time they peed alone.

Moms do what need to be done, and if you want to tell her she's doing it wrong ... be prepared to be met with a single glance that will end your life.

However, despite the chatter, arguments, sobs, pile-ons, put-downs, trends, methods, sleepless nights, criticisms and constant talking, moms just do their thing. Moms do what need to be done, and if you want to tell her she's doing it wrong, not well enough, not often enough, not your way enough, be prepared to be met with a single glance that will end your life. Because when it's all said and done, moms love their kids and care for their families, and while they might complain during the process, they still do it all because it all needs to get it done. Moms may look insulted, or sad or overwhelmed, they may despise the criticism and the work, but they power through because it's what they do. Try to stop a mom from doing her thing and kiss yourself goodbye. A mom on a mission is not to be reckoned with.

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It's not just because Clinton is a mom that's she the best candidate, either, according to C.K. "I'd take her over anyone, he said. Still, the fact that Clinton's also a mom definitely helps.

"We need just a tough bitch mother who nobody likes," he concluded.

Or, to paraphrase another woman who many would also like to see living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in the future: "Who runs the world? Moms."

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