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Moms of 2 Under 2, You Will Survive

Photograph by Twenty20

I can still clearly remember when I learned I would become a mother for the first time. I was so excited to see the little lines appear on the pregnancy test I took late at night in our bathroom. I remember feeling relieved that all my suspicions were confirmed. I couldn’t wait to let the world know that I would soon be holding a little baby in my arms.

Fast forward to me with a 10-month-old. I was sleep deprived, spit up on and generally dazed from caring for a baby 24/7. I was also feeling off. There was just something about the way I was feeling that I couldn’t quite explain. And then, it hit me. Once again I found myself in our bathroom holding a pregnancy test. Except this time, when the little lines appeared, I was shocked and terrified.

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It wasn’t exactly in my plans to have two children so close in age. I had planned to wait the perfect two to three years in between babies. It would seem that my daughter had different plans, because she simply couldn’t wait to join our family!

When my son was only 19 months old, my daughter was born and I became a mom of 2 under 2.

I remember thinking that I had somehow made a mistake and I would surely never survive these years.

Suddenly, I had two kids in diapers who both seemed to need me at all hours. The task before me was overwhelming, to say the least. I remember thinking that I had somehow made a mistake and I would surely never survive these years. It seemed that both kids would often be crying at the same time but for different reasons. One needed to be fed, while the other needed a diaper change. One needed a nap, while the other needed some play time. They would take turns waking up in the night until morning would come, and I would be bleary-eyed and begging for coffee.

It was rough there for a little while. More than a little rough.

But then, something magical happened. I noticed that my kids seemed to really adore each other. My son was never jealous of his baby sister and my daughter couldn’t take her eyes off her big brother. They would often entertain each other and as my daughter grew, they began to play together. Really play together! They were becoming the best of friends. Their closeness in age was resulting in a closeness in spirit.

Now my kids are 3 and 5, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

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Having two kids under the age of two is exhausting—there's no doubt about that. You have to learn how to balance the demands of a baby and a toddler. You have to stretch yourself pretty thin as you have two young and needy children to care for. And if you’re smart, you have to figure out how to coordinate their nap times so you can get a little down time during the day. By the way, I still consider that one of my biggest accomplishments to date.

While it takes a lot out of you, I look at my children now and I love that they’re inseparable. I love that they're basically in the same stage of life together. I love that they can’t imagine life without each other. Nowadays they barely need me because they have each other.

Maybe your kids are still really young and driving you crazy. Just know, this too, will pass. You will survive and you will come out on the other side stronger and grateful that your kids are the best of friends—just like I am.

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