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Here Are the Biggest Struggles Moms Face

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Motherhood is a hard journey. It’s fulfilling and full of love and oh-so-rewarding, but it’s also full of hardships and struggles—most of which goes unnoticed. But the beauty of motherhood is that you are not alone. There are others who have walked this path before you. And chances are, there's another mom who's struggling with the same thing you are.

This is the stuff that connects us—the good stuff, the real stuff, the stuff that matters. This is what makes us realize we aren’t alone in our struggles, and how freeing that can be.

“I've been back to work for eight weeks now and I'm finding that my biggest fears about the adjustment are coming true... I'm drained by the time I'm done with work and I'm instantly struck with a wave of guilt that my daughter has been in daycare. Then I get home and I struggle to leave my work hat at the door or have any me time, but I know I need to be better because I'm losing myself and missing my husband.” – Ashley F.

“I’m feeling overwhelmed by life in general. I have so many things to do and the only thing that ever gets done is battling my threenager and trying to figure out how to calm my 9-month-old.” – Meghann S.

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“I don't have as much support from my spouse as I pictured, and I find it hard to balance my life between working, being a mom and in school. My little one wakes me up and I put him to bed. It's a blessing, but sometimes I feel overwhelmed with no breaks. I've always been a goal setter and it now takes me a lot longer to accomplish something and I drive myself nuts trying to be superwoman.” – Cassandra R.

“I have so many hopes, dreams and wishes for my career, my family and myself and I feel like there's never enough time or energy to make any of it happen. Instead of being good at everything, I'm spread so thin that I feel like I'm not good at anything!” – Courtney C.

“My greatest struggle is with comparison—specifically with motherhood. You try to be the best you can be, don't get it done, and then you see a mom friend, either in person or on social media, and think to yourself how much more they have their life together and how much it seems like you don't. Comparison truly is the thief of joy.” – Chrissy M.

“My current biggest struggle in motherhood is respect. I have taught my children how to act from day one and have been consistent with reinforcement and consequences. And yet it's still a constant battle of reminding them what to and what not to say, how to say it, or to just zip it! I felt like I did the child-raising thing in this department fairly well from the get-go, but now I'm asking ask myself, where did I go wrong?” – Julie T.

No matter how much I give to my child, it often never feels like enough, like I could have done more or done it better.

“Right now I'm struggling with finding time for my husband. I'm home with my girls all day and they get all the attention they need. My husband is gone all day and when he gets home I'm thrilled to see him, but I have no energy to show him my love or appreciation. And if we do find time together when we aren't exhausted, our girls seem to sniff us out and ruin it. I can't imagine life without my husband, and the last thing I want to do is make him feel like he's not a top priority.” – Katy D.

"For me, my biggest struggle is finding balance between my two children. I was so worried when I was pregnant with my second that I couldn't love them equally, and now I see that's the easiest thing in the world. The struggle comes in sharing my time with each of them. Loving them both as they need to be loved. Giving them equal time that fills their tanks the way they yearn for. It's so hard." - Katie R.

“I'm struggling with having a job I don't love but having to give so much energy to it daily. I love that I'm making a difference in my students' lives, but I'm afraid that all the energy that takes is taking away from my life at home. I get home completely drained. I just want to put my feet up and have a glass of wine, but I truly want to be able to give all the last bit of energy to my boys. Once they go to bed, I'm almost completely at zero and my husband gets whatever's left of that.” – Christina C.

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“I think my biggest struggle is guilt. No matter how much I give to my child, it often never feels like enough, like I could have done more or done it better. There are so many decisions we make every day, big and small, that go into shaping our children and their futures and I'm constantly analyzing every one and wondering if I made the right ones or if I’m failing.” – Laura H.

“One thing I struggle with daily is what to feed my kids. I know if I put all this effort into a great meal they won't touch it, and it's so soul-destroying.” – Carina P.

“I really have a hard time with taking care of myself. Oftentimes, I’m so busy getting everyone ready and making everyone else’s meals, I have no time to get myself ready or even eat a decent meal! Showers get put on the back burner, my hair is a hot mess and I never feel pretty anymore. The struggle is real.” – Amy C.

“My biggest struggle is the inability to really cultivate new relationships. My husband and I rarely get a date, so most of the time, we want to spend whatever free time we have together. It's hard to ration the time away from your kids to go on a double date or spend time with other friends. We were so social before kids, and I really miss that part of us sometimes. It makes motherhood very lonely because new friendships take time and I just don’t have it.” – Alison V.

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