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A Nutty Mess

Some might call this Ontario mother nuts, but the truth is she wants nothing to do with them.

The Toronto Star reports that Donna Giustizia came before a committee in the city of Vaughan last week and pleaded for them to cut down the oak trees around St. Stephen Catholic Elementary, where her child goes to school. The reason? The trees are littering the area with acorns, which she fears can trigger her child's nut allergy.

“The acorns are not only presenting a risk to the tree nut-allergic students but it is also becoming a great cause of anxiety amongst all students with nut allergies,” said Giustizia, adding that the school, which is itself nut-free to protect children with potentially life-threatening anaphylactic allergies, is providing a "false sense of security" because "there's nuts all over the place."

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“I’m not a crazy mom. I’m not asking for anything that’s not already there," said Giustizia, who chairs the school's allergy committee. While Giustizia says she's not suggesting the entire city become nut-free, she is worried about children having easy access to them, adding that they can be used to "bully and torment children."

While councillors are awaiting a further report on the issue from their staff before making a decision, fellow moms across the country are lashing out at Giustizia online.

“Apparently, making schools nut-free facilities isn’t enough!” said writer Jeanne Sager of cafemom.com. “We now have to fear school-aged children munching on yard debris.”

One commenter, who herself has a nut allergy, said that the move by Giustizia was "insane." “I have a severe nut allergy and have played with acorns as a kid," MommyK said at mommyish.com.

So what do the experts think of Giustizia's far-fetched request, one that Mommyish contributor Koa Beck sarcastically believes should warrant a 'Peanut Allergy Mom Of The Year' award? They tend to fall on the other side of the acorn.

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"I’m not aware of any reports of children having an anaphylactic reaction upon contact with acorns, so I’m not sure what the risk really is,” said Dr. Maria Asper, a pediatric allergist at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children. “For the most part, as long as they’re just handled and not ingested, there’s no scientific literature to suggest anyone has had a reaction.”

Moms, what do you think of this unusual request? Let us know in the comments section below!

Photo of Donna Giustizia via http://www.thestar.com/

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Photograph by Getty Images

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