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10 Parenting Wins That Make Us Feel Like We've Won the Lottery

Photograph by Twenty20

I'm usually one to fall deep into the abyss of #parentingfails, but enough with the negativity, let's talk parenting wins!

Parents know that the feeling of accomplishment after packing kids' lunches the night before surpasses typing "The End" on a script you've been working on for months. Same with matching socks or being first in line for car pool. The win is just that good.

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So, here's a list of some top fave wins polled from my parent friends, when asked "what parenting win feels better than accomplishing any life goals?" Because, really, it's the little things.

1. Getting them to school on time.

2. OMG, if I can pack their lunches and clean up the kitchen from dinner before they go to bed, I feel like I've won at life. Nothing to do besides watch TV after my kids go to bed?! Now, that's a real parenting win!

3. Getting them to bathe and wash their hair with zero tears.

4. Watching them proactively thank a host for their party without asking them to do it.

5. When you can get multiple kids to nap at the same time.

6. Matching all the socks!

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7. Not having to remind them to hang up the towel, brush their teeth or any other menial task.

8. Being able to actually help them with homework when some subjects still go right over my head.

9. Having them bathed and fed before 8 p.m.

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