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Toddler Talk: The Super Swaddler

Now that the baby months are officially in the past, so many of us are left with previously dubbed "must-have" products and gear piled in our closets and attics.

Swings. Exersaucers. Play gyms.

But there are certain baby products that can be used well past the baby and toddler years—and swaddle blankets are a good example.

"Phew," you might be thinking, "because I have stacks of receiving blankets from my baby shower, and I stopped swaddling 10 months ago."

My son became especially attached to his aden + anais bamboo swaddles—which he's been sleeping with every night, from the crib to the big-boy bed. But that's not all! Toddlerhood has found seemingly endless uses for those swaddle blankets:

1. Superhero Cape

Related: snowman scarf, ghost and a nun's habit (during his Sound of Music phase).

2. Fort

Fort making has been somewhat a rite of toddlerhood passage in my house, which means that his swaddle blankets are seeing more playtime use than ever before.

3. Stroller Sun Shade

The end of the baby months didn't mean the end of stroller napping, for us. This photo was taken inside Grand Central Station, but I had to drape his (formerly known as) swaddle blanket over the canopy to block out the glaring sun during our walk.

4. Play Mat

Whether we're playing on the grass or the carpet, he always lays out his "blankies" for special play space. He has even started using it as his Magic Carpet a la Aladdin.

5. Security Blanket

If he's sick or lonely or a bit sad (being a toddler can be rough business), his blankies need to be by his side.

6. Travel Companion

The blankies have accompanied us to Colorado, Florida and Texas—even crossing the border to Mexico. Not only do they provide the kind of familiarity and comfort that a restless toddler needs on a flight, but the play possibilities are endless—transforming from a parachute to a makeshift bed for his stuffed animals.

7. Hide-and-Seek

Where's Noah? THERE HE IS!

Have you found any interesting uses for your swaddle blankets? Or other "baby" products? Share in the comments!

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