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Toddler Talk: Introducing Noah

Hi. My name is Noah – N-O-A-H — and I heard my mom is joining the team, which I think is pretty cool. At first I was a little bummed, thinking it might take away from our precious “us” time, but then I heard what she’ll be writing about: toddler playtime.

Playtime? Seriously?

And that’s when I insisted on writing an introductory post, because you people need to hear straight from the expert. (Between you and me, I taught her everything she knows.)

I don’t like to brag (much), but I’m kind of awesome at playing. Pretend voices? Imaginary scenarios? Building blocks? Painting? My mom can do a mediocre Kermit impression just fine, but I’ve spent the last 3 years honing these skills. And that’s why I promise you, dear people of, that I will furiously edit her ideas so that you only get what toddlers really want to do/wear/make/play with. Junky baby toys? Itchy sweaters? Nope; not here, my friends. Not here.

A little background on my playtime experience:

I have approximately 62,000 play figurines—combined between my house and Grandma’s, of course.

For my entire 2s, I carried a wand around with me, just in case an evil witch or a bad guy jumped out at me. (You understand.)

I make a pretty mean family portrait, although painting is how I express my truth.

I’ve been known to break out in song at any moment.

I come from the philosophy that the best part of building is knocking down.

If I’m not wearing a Spiderman or Batman costume, I’m in my secret-identity street clothes.

Ah, have to sign off. My stuffed animals need me. Don’t worry—you’re in good hands with my mom. I taught her well.

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