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Introducing Project Dad

It's been an intense time in the world of moms. Between Marissa Mayer announcing that no one at her company is allowed to work from home and Sheryl Sandberg advocating that women "lean in" to become successful CEOs, moms have been wondering—yet again—are we doing it wrong? Of course, immediately after that age-old question comes the one that is never (or rarely) asked when these issues get heated, "What about the working dads?"

It's clear in most households (but still not all) that dads are more involved in the child-rearing process than ever, and that kids and dads alike are benefiting from this shift in traditional gender roles. Yet we're still talking about moms and ignoring that other half of the population. Is there dad guilt? Do dads feel as overwhelmed as moms? Who makes a better PB&J?

None of us here at mom.me like the term—or even the idea—of a "mommy war," but the ongoing discussion of parents in the workplace is such an important one, whether you opt out when the kids are young, keep a foot in the workplace or lean all the way in. It's time to get the dads on board and maybe we can stop the war—and start the reconstruction.

Here at mom.me we've been blogging, video conferencing and chatting by the water cooler as we all look for answers, or just a sympathetic ear as we stumble through this minefield that is modern parenthood. While we all have different ideas about how to balance our work and home life, one thing we all agreed on was—let's hear from the men.

We are thrilled to launch mom.me's Project Dad feature, in which working dads, stay-at-home dads, single dads and every dad in between will talk about their choices in parenting and work. Just as our intrepid bloggers have been showing you the many faces of moms in and out of the workplace, we now have dads contributing to the conversation as well. After all, we're all in this together.

Check out the dads!

A Working Dad Leans Out

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