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10 Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day Without the Kids

Photograph by Twenty20

Mother’s Day is coming, which means we moms are about to face a major problem. See, the idea of celebrating Mom with a day of pampering and adulation is a great idea. The only problem is that there’s nothing relaxing about being a mom. Being a mom is wonderful, yes. Being a mom is not, however, relaxing. We moms hate to admit it, but what we really want for Mother’s Day is a day off from being a mom.

Personally, I usually take a Mother’s Day yoga class followed by a facial or massage. You’ll notice there are no children involved in my Mother’s Day plan. That’s just how I like it—because I can mom it up year round.

So, if you’re like me and you want to celebrate Mother’s Day without your little darlings, you’re going to need to scour the universe for some kid-free activities where you can hide out, chill out and not make anyone a snack or meal.

This Mother’s Day, try these 10 kid-free activities.

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1. Vegas, Baby!

There’s no law that says a mom has to be home on Mother’s Day. So take that cash the hubs would have spent getting you a facial and flowers for Mother’s Day, and hit the road to Vegas. Gambling can be very relaxing. And the best thing about Vegas is all of those buffets, none of which contains food you had to prepare.

2. Netflix and Rosé

Sometimes simple is better, so why not tell the hubs to take the kids out for the day so you can fully enjoy your Netflix queue while making your way through that chilled bottle of rosé.

3. Spa Day

A facial may only last an hour, but a spa day can be just that: a day. Spend endless hours steaming, dipping into the sauna and reading in the quiet room. Your kids won’t be allowed in, and you won’t want to leave.

4. Nothing to See Here. Just All Your Halloween and Easter Candy I’ve Been Hoarding

Mother’s Day is the perfect day to binge-watch TV and binge-eat all of your kid’s leftover Halloween and Easter candy. The great thing about eating your kid’s candy stash is that you can take it anywhere. Take it to the spa, to the movies or to the couch while you spend the day catching up on TV.

5. A Nap in the Car

If you can’t get the house to yourself, you can claim the car as your Mother’s Day safehaven. Crack a window, put the seat back and close your eyes. Car naps aren’t just for babies, you know.

Car naps aren’t just for babies, you know.

6. Check in to the Hotel Down the Street

If you can’t get away, there’s no reason you can’t get away—to a hotel in your hometown. See, hotels have something your house doesn’t: room service! Oh, and they also have someone else to clean up. So after you check in and put on that fluffy white hotel robe, order up some room service and be grateful you get a day off from cooking and the clean up. Score.

7. Hang Out in the Laundry Room With a Bottle of Bubbly

If your kids are like mine, they never ever go into the laundry room, which makes it the perfect place for mom to hang when she needs an escape. Don’t be afraid to grab a bottle of bubbly, an iPad and head to the laundry room. Your kids will never find you, no matter how hard they try!

8. Strip Club

It may not be politically correct, but you’re definitely not going to find your children, or anyone else’s, at the local bar.

9. Anything Cultural

My kids can’t be the only ones who last about one minute in a museum before complaining about death from boredom. That means you could have a great day checking out some art without your kids trying to touch the paintings. Plus, most museums have bars. You don’t even need to go inside the museum. Just head straight for that glass of white that’s got your name on it.

10. Playing Fake Sick While the Hubs Hangs With the Kids

Even if you have to fake your way to urgent care, there’s no guilt needed. Just rub your head from that awful “headache,” or sneeze your way into a sinus infection. But if playing sick is what it takes to get you some peace, quiet and a bit of bubbly you’ve stashed under the pillows, do it. It is Mother’s Day, after all.

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