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'I Give In To Mommy Guilt'

Photograph by Getty Images

We all hope we're doing it right, but in the back of our minds we know we're just doing our best and winging it as we go. Sure we might read books to help us improve our parenting skills, but whether or not we actually take the advice is another question. Because hey, even the experts can turn out to be wrong years later. And that's how we do things we just might wish we hadn't. Like these seven things I did this week:

1. Checking the iPhone Constantly

Instead of connecting with my son, I sometimes feel like an email or Facebook post from a friend might really be important. It never is! It can always wait.

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2. Using Curse Words Right After I Say, "We Don't Curse."

Sometimes they just fly out of my mouth! I don't want them to. But I stub my toe or slam a finger in a door, and I sound like a trucker! Of course kids learn from watching us, so I have to remember that, even while in pain.

3. Not Bringing the Right Foods for My Son Who's Mostly Gluten-Free

When going to a friend's for dinner with my son, it's hard to insist that they cook gluten-free for him. So my son eats too much gluten and ends up with a horrible stomachache the next day. I should know better!

4. Talking About Topics My Son Shouldn't Hear

Since I have an only child, a lot of times my son comes with me and hears my friends and me discussing very adult topics. Then later on he'll ask me about it and I realize, oops, he heard way too much. Time to monitor those conversations!

5. Biting My Nails

I tell him he can't bite his, usually right before I'm biting mine. Which goes back to #2 on my list. They learn from our actions, not our words.

6. I Let Him Play More Video Games Than His Allotted Time

Sometimes it buys me more work time, more time to just chill or less hassle from saying no again. But I don't want that for him. I know that I'd much rather have "us" time together. Sometimes tired time together is better than less time.

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7. I Let Mommy Guilt Get to Me

I had to send my son to camp to attend some work appointments the week of spring break. And although no friends were there, there were kids from his school, as well as the counselors he sees in his after-school program. But he didn't want to go. So I felt guilty. So I took him out to frozen yogurt AFTER he ending up having a great day. What am I teaching him???

What did you do this week?

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