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Son Surprises Mom by Paying Off Her Mortgage

It's almost Mother's Day, and most moms might be hoping for chocolate or breakfast in bed.

How about your child paying off your mortgage?

One Canadian man did just that. YouTube user iProjectAtlas posted a video on April 29 of him celebrating his birthday—yes, his own birthday—by going to the bank and, from there, taking a mortgage-ending check to his unsuspecting mom.

Having saved for the last few years, despite making just $30,000 each year, according to Gawker, the young man said he wanted to celebrate the woman who gave him life.

"A large amount of her stress comes from that house," he says in the video. "She bought that house for us, for the kids, so that we would have a home to come to forever."

At one point, he says, he didn't see his family for more than two years yet when he came home, his mother was there, smiling, asking him only what he wanted for dinner.

While the video offers up a variety of touching moments, arguably the most affecting one is when his mother realizes what's happening. iProjectAtlas adds some on-screen commentary, translating what his Ethiopian mother is saying in her native language.

"Her: Tonight I will not sleep for fear of Dying of Happiness (Note: Ethiopian women can be dramatic)" he writes with humor.

And, perhaps like most moms, she tries to convince him that it's too much.

"You ask me who my mother is," he says in the video. "She's the strongest person I know."

Watch the video here:

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