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Toddler Talk: Mother's Day Roses

If you’re looking for an easy craft project for Mother’s Day, food stamping is always toddler friendly.

And did you know that painted celery stamps make the prettiest roses? I got the idea from my son’s preschool, after he proudly held up his rose-splattered paper with a, “Look what I made for you!” smile. It was beautiful—and then surprising, when I learned the roses were made with celery.

Have your toddler stamp roses onto cards, gift-wrapping paper or just a Mother’s Day painting. And all you’ll need is some paint, paper and a celery stalk.


1. Cut the celery stalk down toward the base and secure it tightly with a rubber band. (Try and cut as straight as possible.)

2. Dip the celery into paint.

3. Stamp!

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