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Toddler Talk: Easy Teacher Gift

If your toddler is in daycare or preschool, odds are you’re creeping up on a summer break, or at least the passing from one classroom to the next as the school year ends.

And with that comes teacher gifts.

Considering Noah has been in a daycare setting since he was 6 months old, we’ve been coming up with teacher gift ideas for a while now. And while we typically try to be unique and useful, my 2-year-old son came up with this idea—and his teachers loved them:

Snow globes featuring characters from his favorite books to read with his teachers. (He was going through a snow globe phase.)

Noah chose an owl to represent his favorite book Owl Babies, and a rooster to represent another favorite farm book. These were big books in his class—the focus of entire units. So when his teachers opened their gifts, they knew that Noah remembered the books they read together.

And they couldn’t have been easier to make:


Mason jars

Distilled water (or water that’s been boiled and cooled)

Glycerin to thicken up the water (substitute clear corn syrup or baby oil)

Little plastic animals

Wine corks

Extra fine white glitter

Strong glue


1. First glue down the plastic animal on top of a wine cork. (We used newer faux-cork corks.) Then glue the wine cork to the inside of the mason jar’s lid. If you’re having trouble, try scoring the wine cork and/or roughing up the lid with sand paper.

2. Add one or two small drops of glycerin (or your thickening agent) and add some glitter to act as “snow.” Start slow with the glycerin and glitter—you can always add more.

3. Pop on the lid, shake, and admire.

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