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Viral Video of Texas Student Jeff Bliss Scolding His Teacher

Image: everyjoe.com http://www.everyjoe.com/

Image: everyjoe.com http://www.everyjoe.com/

What happens when a student has had enough of teachers who sit complacently in the classroom simply for a paycheck? The latest viral video capturing the attention of the country features Duncanville High School Junior Jeff Bliss, who confronts his World History teacher Julie Phung, about her uninvolved teaching style as she kicks him out of class.

Here is the official transcript of his speech to Julie Phung.

Jeff Bliss: [I'm tired of] hearing this freakin' lady go off on kids because they don't get this crap. If you can just get up and teach them instead of handing them a freakin' packet, yo. There are kids in here who don't learn like that, they need to learn face-to-face. You're just getting mad because I'm pointing out the obvious.

Julie Phung: (mumbling) No. 'Cause you're wasting my time.

Jeff Bliss: I'm not wasting your time. I'm telling you what you need to do. You want kids to come in your class, you want them to get excited for this? You gotta' come in here and you gotta' make 'em excited. You want a kid to change and start doing better? You gotta' touch his freakin' heart! Can't expect a kid to change if all you do is just tell him. You gotta' take this job serious. This is the future of this nation. And when you come in here like you did last time and make a statement about "This is my paycheck" . . . indeed it is, but this is my country's future and my education.

Julie Phung: I respect that. Could you go outside please?

Jeff Bliss: But there's a limit. When I'm not bitching, but simply making an observation. And now I will leave.

Julie Phung: (mumbling) Thank you.

Jeff Bliss: You're welcome. And if you would like, I'll teach you a little more so you can learn how to teach a freakin' class. Because since I've got here I've done nothing but read packets. So don't try and take credibility for teaching me jack!

After the video filmed by an unknown student went viral, many turned to social media to proclaim their support of the Texas teen's inspirational rant demanding a proper education. Colleen Hunt, a 16-year-old Duncanville High School junior posted pictures of Bliss—affectionately known by his peers as "Brotha' Bliss"—to her Twitter account and expressed her approval of his message.

"Everyone at our school is proud of him for speaking his mind and not being rude about it," Hunt said during a phone interview. "He actually keeps to himself a lot. He is an intellectual person and has a small group of friends. I guess his teacher always gives the same work over and over again and he got tired of it."

The Duncanville Independent School District officials released a statement that reads in part: " . . . the method by which the student expressed his concern could have been handled in a more appropriate way."

Bliss and the unnamed student who recorded the video without Bliss' knowledge were asked to meet with the school principal this morning to discuss the situation.

Jeff Bliss can be reached via Twitter.

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