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Bullying Teen Gets Creative Punishment

Talk about giving someone a taste of their own medicine. After Kaylee's teacher phoned home to fill in her parents about her bullying behavior, Kaylee got a talking to. But that's not where it ended. It seems Kaylee did not feel much remorse for making fun of another student's clothes relentlessly, until the other girl no longer wanted to attend school. So Kaylee's father's girlfriend (who is described as a mother figure), pulled out the big guns: ugly clothes.

Ally (the aforementioned mother figure) decided to teach empathy by putting Kaylee into the same situation as the girl who was bullied. She bought Salvation Army clothes she knew the young girl would not like, then forced her to wear them to school. While this unorthodox method of discipline may sound like an excellent way to get a bully to understand the pain she caused the other girl, one expert weighing in said this was not a great idea, and that it was more likely the child would wind up angry and humiliated.

Kaylee and Ally, however, feel she learned her lesson.

Would you do this to your child?

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