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'I Threw Everyone Under the Bus'

Photograph by Getty Images

It's that time again! Step right up and see what parenting mistakes Mom.me blogger, Madeline Holler made last week. They're good ones, and you're going to feel better after reading. Promise.

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1. "Stop yelling at your sister," I yelled at my 12-year-old. "We do not YELL AT EACH OTHER IN THIS HOUSE!"

2. I told my 8-year-old we were out of eggs when she asked if she could bake cookies. We had plenty, but I didn't want her messing up the kitchen with a cooking project.

3. After she went to bed, I thought, "Mmmm, cookies." And baked up a couple dozen.

4. When my 4-year-old discovered his recent artwork in the trash, I blamed it on his sister. Then I blamed my husband for not taking the trash out. Then I blamed everyone else, including the dog, for having such a cluttered house that we have to throw out preschool artwork, and I have to throw everyone under the bus.

5. I used my kid's $25 Amazon gift card to buy a stainless steel fish turner and some batteries. Because clutter. Doesn't she have enough already?

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6. I didn't wash my daughter's favorite yoga pants. I pulled them out of the dirty clothes, folded them neatly, set them on her bed and ran.

7. I told my 4-year-old on Tuesday that, from now on, he would need to dress himself. Wednesday morning, I was tugging a dragon T-shirt over his head before sending him off to preschool.

Mixed messages, folks. Mixed messages.

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