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All The Things That Made Me Cry This Pregnancy

Photograph by Getty Images

Public displays of emotion really bother me. This is probably because I was raised by a corporate lawyer, so genetically half of my soul is missing. And during my first pregnancy, I didn’t cry. Well, except that one time that brownie tasted so good. But this time, I’m a mess. I traded in my crime procedurals for romantic comedies, and I spend a lot of my time clutching my heart and declaring things to be “so sweet.” My husband is more afraid of me now than the time I read him excerpts of a book on the Green River Killer.

I have four weeks left in my pregnancy, and I spend most of my days dabbing my eye with a tissue. The following reasons are just a few of the things that have brought me to really pathetic, snotty nose, chest-heaving sobs.

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1. The baby elephant at the St. Louis Zoo because it was born weighing 250 pounds.

2. A really little pillbug, because where was its mother?

3. The baby back ribs my husband made because they were so good.

4. Seeing pictures of Kate Middleton, who is due around the same time as me. Seriously, I’ve been more pregnant with tacos.

5. Staring at the detritus of toys strewn across my floor every night, because I’m going to have to bend over to pick those up, and I might never make it off the ground.

6. M&M's.

7. Every Michael Bublé song ever.

8. My weight.

9. Someone’s Facebook status about how we shouldn’t bully kids who are different.

10. “The Edge of Glory” by Lady Gaga.

11. The rain because I want the sun, and the sun because I’m so freaking hot.

12. Wanting a Blizzard at 11 p.m. and my husband telling me that Dairy Queen was closed.

13. My husband asking me if I needed help getting up off the couch.

14. That sticky spot on the floor, because who will clean it? Who?

15. Because I was crying.

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Did you cry like this when you were pregnant? Please fill me in.

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