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Moms Confess About the Most Toxic Parents They've Ever Met

Photograph by Twenty20

We were standing outside the auditorium when a toxic mom walked up and told us we had missed the auditions. Her daughter and mine had been classmates since kindergarten, and now both our girls were auditioning for spots in the middle school drama program. We had been waiting for an hour for our time slot, and my daughter was as nervous as I’d ever seen her.

So when this mom told us we’d missed the auditions, that they had all been rescheduled to the morning, my daughter was frantic. She’d been rehearsing for weeks. This woman kept insisting we “missed an email” until my kid was practically in tears.

And then this evil shrew, this poor excuse for a human being, told us she was joking and then laughed and walked away.

What kind of monster preys on the emotions of children? I was so upset and shocked I think I only managed to mutter a few choice words, but in hindsight I wished I’d taken a swing at her red, pointy horns.

Then there was her daughter, who had a reputation among other parents and teachers for being a nightmare. She bullied a fellow classmate who was autistic, and once walked onto the middle school campus on Halloween dressed in a KKK costume. It’s true that the poison apple doesn’t fall far from the rotting, vile tree.

I’m not alone in my encounter with a toxic parent. I had a few people share their stories with me, although some requested to remain anonymous since many still have to see these parents at school, run into them at parties or sit next to them at baseball games. (I don’t have these fears, since my kids are older now and the only place I’ll run into my toxic nemesis is online. In fact, I might even hide a tag in this piece so she’ll find it someday, when she’s Googling her name or looking for a racist costume for herself.)

The Toxic Party Parent

“One mom asked me who else was invited to my son's birthday party (allegedly so her son might be able to carpool.) She then informed the other guests that she heard that they weren't really wanted, so they didn't show up.” – Tara S.

The Toxic Sports Parent

“When I was 8 years old I won a championship swimming race. My friend came in second. We walked up to her mom after the race and she screamed at her daughter, ‘How could you let her beat you?!’ among other things.” – Kelly G.

“My 12-year-old plays baseball, and wears transitional sports goggles. He was at bat and struck out. A dad turned to me and said, 'Can he even see with those things on?' I jumped from my seat and went for him, and my husband caught me in mid-air and sat me down. The dad immediately apologized and said, 'I didn't mean how it came out! I meant are they too dark?' My husband saved that dad's life that day.” – Anonymous

The Toxic Litigious Parent

“My ex threatened to sue me if I enrolled our daughter in driver’s ed. He insisted my daughter was too immature and would be a danger behind the wheel. In his email he included stats and refs. The next day I enrolled her.” – Anonymous

The Toxic ‘How Did Your Kids Turn Out Normal’ Parent

“When she was in about fifth or sixth grade, my older daughter went to a slumber party at a really sweet kid's house. When I introduced myself to the mom while picking up in the morning she says, loudly, ‘OH, THANK GOD! DOES YOUR DAUGHTER EVER SHUT UP?’ She wasn't kidding.

When my younger daughter wanted to hang out with the sweet kid's little sister I was cautious, but my kid’s pretty tough. So she managed to get out of the situation somehow when the same awful mom dumped the salt bowl into her water glass at a fancy restaurant and made her drink it. I love the kids—but what a deranged bitch of a mom.” – Gina M.

The Toxic Parent Most Likely To Have a Kid With Body-Image Issues

“When my daughter was around 2 years old she was in a kid gym class. I met a mom and her cute daughter there and made plans with them. While we were together she said her 2-year-old daughter had just gone to the doctor. She was happy to announce that her daughter measured 95 percent in height and 25 percent in weight! We never made plans with them again.” – Julie W.

The Toxic Blamer Parent

“There was this mom who tried vigorously to blame any and every child for her daughter's repeated lice infestations, inventing far-fetched stories that defied both common sense and science. Later, Lice Mom's husband (while drunk) let it slip that the critter culprit was actually their younger son, who shared helmets at football practice.” – Tracey B.

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