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Should Charles Have Mentioned Diana Today?

There's no doubt that the Prince of Wales was overcome with joy today at the announcement that his first grandchild, a boy, had arrived. The beaming grandpa released a statement expressing the joy that he and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, felt at the arrival of their first grandchild, and how happy they were for William and Catherine. But one other name was conspicuously absent.

While the birth of England's newest heir brings back our own memories of when William was born in 1982, mom.me readers couldn't help but wonder why he decided to exclude any mention of his late wife, Princess Diana, who passed away almost 17 years ago. Readers took to our Facebook page to debate whether or not Charles should have included her somehow in his statement.

Here's what some said:

She was an integral part of William's life and to just forget her like she never existed is despicable - Jessica Williams

Why would he? They were divorced long before she passed away and he has clearly started a new life. It wasn't his place to include her in his statement...that's his son's right - Stephanie Bramasco

Diana has passed and Charles does have a new wife now. Time does go on. I've never been a fan of Charles, mostly over Diana, but I don't think he was wrong in this. I think this is petty - Donna Smith

Charles is an enigma, a jerk or both - Jen Russon

I think the statement was rather "warm" considering it's from him. Hopefully grandparenthood will loosen him up a bit!! - Rebecca Murphy Thall

OMG, already nit-picking on what he says right after his wife gives birth to their new son. It would be SO inappropriate for him to mention her in any way shape or form - Linda Johnson

I've never liked the way they carried themselves after what happened. Diana is Prince Williams MOTHER, whether she is with us or not - Denise Spencer

Although I loved the late princess, why should he have mentioned her? It is about him, Kate, and the new Prince- Carla Manzanares - Murray

What do you think? Tell us below or head over to our Facebook page chime in!

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