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The Bond Between a Father and a Daughter Is an Incredible Gift

Photograph by Twenty20

My firstborn was a boy. As soon as I saw two pink lines confirming I was pregnant, I had a strong feeling I was going to have a son. I really wanted it to be a boy if I am being honest. Not because I didn't want a daughter, I certainly wanted to be the mother of a girl one day, but I grew up with three sisters and I never knew what it was like to be around boys and I kind of dig potty humor.

As I got older and started thinking about having kids and imagining myself as a mother, I always felt a certain pull towards little boys. I knew I was meant to have a son, and now I am blessed with two with a daughter smack dab in the middle.

Are they mama's boys? Absolutely, and I love it. Our bond is tight—just as it is with my daughter, only it's different. I don't even know how to express the difference. It's not better. It's not more special, it's just different and I love the uniqueness of each relationship I have with my kids.

My daughter and I enjoy doing so many things together, we have a lot in common: the same taste in clothes, a love for face masks, cooking, and beach combing. We go crazy over sushi and put soy sauce on anything we can. She is an old soul. Sometimes I look at her and see myself when I was her age.

I want to protect her from everything. I look at her and I see my world. And although I know she loves me so hard, there is one thing I will never be able to replace: the bond she has with her father.

They are tight and share a kind of love so extraordinarily special and sacred and beautiful. I love what it does for him and I love what it does for her.

As soon as she was born, she took his breath away. The feelings he developed for his daughter as soon as he laid eyes on her changed him. Although I had experienced an arduous labor and was a mess, I saw how she burst into his world and swallowed him whole. He is a different man because she is in his life.

While I was pregnant with her, I remember him saying, " I'm going to have a hard time when she is 16 walking around in a bikini."

I expected that. I knew he would be protective like most fathers. I knew he would always watch out for her and make sure she knew her father loved her and had her back. I realized he would have a hard time when she started dating and struggle when she got her heart broken. It's the normal feelings to have as father to a daughter.

No one is good enough, ever.

I can't even say it's overprotective, it's just a natural pull men feel when they have a young girl who is their responsibility.

Watching them over the years has been a tremendous gift—their relationship is indescribable. You feel the love when they're together. It's magnetic.

When he walks in the door, she's the first one to him. When he wants to run to the store to get something and no one else wants to go, she joins him even if she's happy doing something else. When he's upset, she goes down with him. She misses him when he isn't with her and talks about it a lot.

They are tight and share a kind of love so extraordinarily special and sacred and beautiful. I love what it does for him and I love what it does for her.

Not only are they blessed to have each other, I feel like the whole family is lucky to witness their remarkable relationship. There is definitely something about it. It's not more special than the bond he has with his sons, it's not better, it's just different and I know it's going to have nothing but a positive impact on her life.

And I feel like the lucky one because I get to watch this beautiful story every day of my life.

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