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The Benefits of Being a Psychic Mom

Even during her earliest years, Erin Pavlina says she began experiencing premonitions that would later come to pass. “My deceased relatives would come to me in dreams and tell me about things that were going to happen,” Pavlina says. “When I was a teenager I started to consciously become aware of my spirit guides and learned how to tune in to them to receive their guidance. I learned how to follow my intuition and trust it.”

As if connecting with spirit guides wasn't spooky enough for the Las Vegas mom, in 2006 Pavlina was surprised to learn that she could speak to other dead people besides her own deceased relatives.

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Pavlina decided to offer her gift to the public and has now consulted for more than 3,000 clients worldwide. Typical questions about career, relationships, health or intuitive development are usually what she encounters, yet using her ability in her own life is what she says has been most fascinating.

As a psychic parent, Pavlina says one of the truly amazing benefits is an invisible connection to her children that is a little more vibrant than a mother’s intuition.

“I can read my children’s energy and know when they are having difficulties they’re not verbally sharing with me,” Pavlina says. “I can also communicate directly with their guides to find out the best ways to bring up issues I know the kids would rather not talk about.”

When it comes to mischief and misdeeds, Pavlina explains that she is able to thwart any wayward behavior with her psychic abilities. She recalls telling her daughter, “When I leave I know you’re going to tie a string from your brother’s door to the stairs, preventing him from getting out. Don’t do it.” Her daughter replied, “Why do you have to be psychic? It’s not fair!”

She hopes that she can help prevent tragedies while still allowing her children the opportunity to learn and grow naturally.

Besides seeing inappropriate behavior before it happens, Pavlina also says she can tell when her children are lying. “I’ve learned to look for the energy shift. Their energy changes as soon as they begin speaking. They don’t appreciate this ability as much as I do.”

This mom says as a guide for those seeking wisdom from the spirit world, she is able to help her children navigate new relationships and friendships. One example Pavlina gave was when her daughter was excited to become friends with a new girl who moved into her neighborhood. As soon as Pavlina met the little girl, however, she says she began to receive strong warnings, even though on the surface the girl was extremely polite and polished. The warnings were so strong that Pavlina asked her daughter to avoid the little girl if she could.

“My daughter didn’t want to believe me so she kept interacting with her,” Pavlina says. “A short time later, this girl turned out to be a pathological liar who liked to hurt the young children on our block. She eventually became so violent she was expelled from school and arrested for conspiracy to commit battery. My daughter is more interested in what I have to say about her friends now.”

Pavlina doesn’t claim to be a special mom, even though she’s psychic. She says that all moms can strengthen their abilities if they choose to. “Your own body will often give you clues,” Pavlina explains. “When I met the little girl who was eventually arrested, I got a jittery anxious feeling in my body when I shook her hand. Even though on the surface there was nothing wrong with the girl, I still received a warning in my body.”

She advises that moms who want to rely more on their intuitive or psychic abilities learn to tune in to that little voice at the back of their minds. Pavlina explains that this voice constantly nags you, urgently warning you about something that’s going on.

“Listen to it, act on it and trust it, and this ability will grow,” she coaches. “You don’t want to say, ‘Oh wow, I knew that was going to happen. Why didn’t I listen and do something?’”

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This psychic mom is looking forward to the time when her children begin to date. She believes she will be able to easily discern details about a person’s character that they may not reveal right away. She hopes that she can help prevent tragedies while still allowing her children the opportunity to learn and grow naturally.

In the meantime Pavlina is teaching her children how to use their intuition, which will help them on their career paths and with their relationships. “I’m so grateful to have this ability,” Pavlina shares. “It’s come in handy more times than I can count.”

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