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What Are the Benefits of an In-Home Child Day Care?

More Loving Environment

In-home child day care provides a friendly home atmosphere for your child while offering the benefits of socializing with other children. The day-to-day routine may be more relaxed, tailored to fit the children in the setting rather than making the children adapt to the setting itself. Most providers encourage you to call and check on your children whenever you feel it necessary. And because the relationship between the provider and you and your child is more intimate, the provider is more in tune with your child and can notify you more readily if something is wrong.

Affordable and Convenient

In-home day care is usually cheaper than day care centers. Without the overhead of a traditional facility, an in-home provider can afford to charge less. Plus an in-home day care provider can be more flexible with her hours. For example, she may be more open to accommodating last-minute care for your child if needed and can usually be available around holidays, while traditional centers are not -- or will charge more.

Smaller Groups

In-home care has the benefit of having smaller groups of children in the home. This allows the children to have more one-on-one time with the provider, offering more learning time and interaction with the provider and other kids. The smaller group of kids in the home also helps prevent sickness from being passed around.

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