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5-Year-Old Solar System Expert Blows Ellen's Mind

Beware parents, watching this adorable video will make you race to sign your normal kids up for tutoring. Seriously, what are those kids learning if not the proper punctuation of Uranus? (Psst, it's NOT what you think.)

Ellen DeGeneres had this adorable 5-year-old smarty pants on her show, and little Marshall Kimber proved he's got space cred. First, he explained why Pluto is not a planet. Are you clear on all of that? Yeah, we weren't either.

Then this kid breaks out in a song he wrote about Jupiter—his favorite planet. I don't know if my kid even knows Jupiter is a planet, much less that it is "a billion miles away" from us and has "a red dot as big as Earth." Heck, I didn't know that.

While it's unclear where Marshall got all that brain power from, one thing is clear: he's still a little boy. As seen when Ellen tells him she's sending him to the California Space Center, and Marshall is all, "That's fine. Where are my gifts?"

Also, don't miss his adorable pronunciation of "rings" when discussion Uranus (pronounced properly).


Check him out -

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