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The Ultimate Celebrity Mom Dinner Party

Photograph by Getty Images

I’m at a dinner party. Hosted by a mom friend of mine, the guests are all moms as well. Truth be told, the conversation’s a little bit boring. The gal to my left is talking nap schedules and the one across from me just told a story about switching her cleaning supplies to non-toxic cleaners. Zzzzz. This dinner isn’t exactly a party.

Let’s face it: Moms who talk about their kids all the time are about as interesting as men who talk sports all the time. And if there’s anything that a dinner party should be, it’s interesting.

The lady to my right just starting talking about how she got her little one to eat broccoli. My boredom’s gotten the best of me. I start to daydream.

In my head, I’m at a dinner party filled with the most fabulous celebrity moms. We’re a stylish group, laughing so hard we nearly spill our martinis. We have so much to talk about, the subject of our kids never comes up. Victoria Beckham’s just flown in from London while Heidi’s heading out early to catch a flight to Berlin. But they all made it to my imaginary celebrity mom dinner party.

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Here’s the guest list:

Sarah Jessica Parker. First of all, I’d invite SJP even if she weren’t a mom. She’s just that fabulous. But the fact that SJP is raising her three kiddos in New York City (dream come true!) and is one of the most stylish, glamorous stars around makes her a dinner party favorite. And the fact that she can use the word “lovely” as a noun, verb and adjective guarantees the night will be just that—lovely.

Heidi Klum. She’s the glamorous mom of four and she’s a fashion icon. She also seems like a whole lot of fun. Plus, wouldn’t we all be waiting until the end of the night when Heidi kissed us on each cheek and said, “Auf Wiedersehen?” I know I would.

Jennifer Lopez. Every dinner party needs a diva, and no one does diva better than J.Lo. (Well maybe Elton John does it better, but I’d dread the part of the evening when he gets behind the piano and makes us all sing “Candle in the Wind.” So J.Lo is my choice for dinner party diva. Sure, she’ll arrive 45 minutes late and leave 45 minutes early, but she’ll be a ton of fun for the 10 minutes she’s there.

When Katie gets the invite and offers the obligatory “What can I bring?” there’s only one response: every Tom Cruise story you’ve got.

Neil Patrick Harris. You do not have to be a celeb mom to be a Celeb Mom. So let’s not exclude America’s favorite host, NPH. He sings, dances, and summers in St. Tropez with Elton John. Plus, Neil would be one celeb mom who won’t bore the table with stories of nap schedules and sleep training. He’s busy hosting the Tonys! Surely he’ll have a backstage story or two.

Angelina Jolie. When Angie’s not saving the world or kicking ass onscreen, she’s raising her 47 children. When she’s not doing that, she going to come to my house for dinner where we’re hopefully going to chat about saving the world, Angie’s 47 children and what it’s like to wear a vial of blood on her neck. She’s smart, talented and gorgeous. Who wouldn’t want to hang out? Plus, maybe Brad Pitt will drop her off or pick her up. It would be rude of him not to come in to say hello, right?

Katie Holmes. When Katie gets the invite and offers the obligatory “What can I bring?” there’s only one response: every Tom Cruise story you’ve got. The world wants to know. Or, at least my other dinner party guests do.

Victoria Beckham. Underneath that harsh demeanor and those big sunglasses, I’m certain there is a woman who smiles. She may even swear like a sailor and drink like one, too. That’s my kind of mom and my kind of friend. There’s always room at my table for Mrs. B.

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Madonna. No explanation needed.

Kelly Ripa. You know there will never be a lull in conversation with Regis’s former sidekick at the table. That’s because Kelly’s got the gift of gab. And since she’s been married to hunky actor Mark Consuelos forever and they’re raising their three kiddos without much fanfare, chances are Kelly’s got some good mommy advice and some great stories to tell.

So, who would be on your celeb mom dinner party list?

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