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11 Reasons Why It Rules to Be a Girl

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Last week we celebrated International Day of the Girl, and my 7-year-old daughter wanted to know, “So, does that mean there is a International Day of the Boy?” I replied that I didn’t think so.

“Well, that makes sense," she responded, "since girls are more awesome.”

We proceeded to have an enthusiastic conversation about girl power, female identity and what it means to be a girl. I asked her to list her reasons why she thought girls rule, because, being a girl myself (and her mom), I had a vested interest in what her answers would be. She’s in 2nd grade, so many of her observations were of a more physical than philosophical nature, but it was still interesting to hear what being a girl meant to her.

Here are her 11 reasons why girls rule:

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1. Because we get to wear dresses. And I love dresses, they’re so pretty. Boys just get to wear pants. But we can wear pants OR dresses!

2. We get to wear lots of jewelry. Daddy wears a ring but girls can wear earrings and bracelets and necklaces. Lots and lots of jewelry!

3. Because girls live longer than boys.*

Boys can be annoying—well, except daddy.

4. Girls get to wear makeup when they grow up like blush, lipstick, eyeshadow and stuff like that. Oh, and nail polish! I can’t wait until I get to wear makeup!

5. Girls get to play with dolls, and I love dolls, especially American Girl dolls, which is about girls AND dolls! They are really cool.

6. Girls are way prettier than boys. Boys aren’t very pretty.

7. Because girls can grow up and be and do anything they want.

8. Girls are really lucky because they get to have sleepovers, and sleepovers are really practical.

9. Girls have really cool crafts like knitting and sewing and stuff like that. Boys don’t do cool crafts like that.

10. Girls rule because I like to hang out with girls way more than boys. Boys can be annoying—well, except daddy. Daddy isn’t annoying.

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11. Girls have more fun.

* I asked her why she knew this, she said she learned it from Gravity Falls.

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