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Elementary Schooler Already a Heartbreaker

We can remember passing notes in class from elementary school all the way into high school. It was exciting (hopefully we don't get caught), mysterious (what will my crush say once they read it?) and more. But sometimes, it was also gut-wrenching—they don't like you; they didn't want to be your Valentine; the list of world-changing events for us back then was endless.

Unfortunately, for this Reddit member's brother, he didn't get the response he was hoping for. Luckily, Ashely let him down gently.

The boy made a plea to his one true love crush to be his girlfriend, and he did it in the most romantic of ways—by sending her a multiple choice note. She circled "no" but left him with hope: "I'm sorry, I already have a boyfriend [...] but when we break up your my next choice." Thankfully, she gives him a time frame so he knows what to expect: "P.S. that will probably be in a month or two."

What a heartbreaker that Ashely is. Really brings us back...

Image via Imgur.com

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