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12 Annoying Songs That Will Drive Any Parent Mad

Photograph by PBS

I can’t get the “Imagination Movers” theme song out of my head. Ever since my daughter discovered the show, it has been trapped in my brain, playing on a loop.

“Imagination Movers, you got to think about it. Imagination movers, da duh duh da da da duh. Imagination Movers ... ”

What’s worse is I don’t actually know the words, just the “Imagination Movers” part. My brain just makes up the rest. So not only do I have the catchy, but annoying when you hear it 37,000 times, theme song playing on auto play inside my brain, but I don’t even know the words.

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Apparently, I’m not alone. In fact, it seems to be a basic rite of passage, as if someone said, “You know you’re a mom when you can’t get an annoying kid song out of your brain.” All my mom friends seem to be suffering from the same affliction. (Sorry if one of these gets stuck in your head.)

“Who Let the Dogs Out?”

Deva Dalporto from My Life Suckers is known for her song parodies, but there’s clearly one song that won’t make her list. She said, “Is there anything worse than having fake woofing sounds stuck in your head?” No, though the “Imagination Movers” theme song comes close.

“Can’t Stop the Feeling!” aka the “Trolls” theme song

A recent ad to the annoying songs moms can’t stop hearing is Justin Timberlake’s catchy theme song for the upcoming “Trolls” movie. Christine Burke from Keeper of the Fruit Loops has found the upside to being unable to un-hear "JT's new one." She said, "It's got a beat and you can dance to it—and embarrass your teens.”

“Schoolhouse Rock” Theme Song

At least Sarah Cottrell from Housewife Plus has an educational song stuck in her head. She said, “'Conjunction Junction' from 'Schoolhouse Rock' has been driving me bonkers. Before that it was the damn Elmo song.” Now she’ll never forget what a conjunction is.

Theme Song to “Phineas and Ferb”

Jennifer Weedon from Mom Cave TV has had enough of the “Phineas and Ferb” theme song. She confessed, “especially the line, "Mom, Phineus and Ferb are making a title sequence!” Oh no, now I hear it, too!

Then I start clapping and then move somehow into a mashup. Please send help.

“Bubble Guppies” Theme Song

Amy Wruble from Carriage Before Marriage can’t stop hearing the “Bubble Guppies” song in her head. Now you will, too. Amy said, “Maybe this is is my punishment for using TV as a babysitter, but 'Bubble Bubble Bubble, Guppy Guppy Guppies. Bubble! Bubble! Guppies! Guppies! Bubble Guppies!' Just drown me already.”

Kim Bongiorno from Let Me Start by Saying joins Amy in the never ending loop of the “Bubble Guppies” theme song. Kim said, “We have not watched Bubble Guppies in aaaaaages since my kids are older now, but I STILL randomly get the song that goes, 'Line up, everybody, line up!' in my head. Then I start clapping and then move somehow into a mashup of that and the theme song. Please send help.”

“Little Einsteins” Theme Song

Jennifer Oradat from JenniferOradat.com hasn’t had a little Einstein in her house for a long time, but that doesn’t mean the song is anywhere close to leaving her brain. Jen said, 'My kids stopped watching that show years ago and I still find myself humming, 'We're going on a trip on our favorite rocket ship.’"

“Really Useful Engine” from “Thomas the Tank”

Thomas is an adorable train, the first 2,000 times your child watches the show. After that, that train and his song start to creep up on a mom’s nerves. Eileen Shaklee from Autism With a Side of Fries reached her Thomas breaking point when she said about the lyrics that go "He's the one, he's the one": “He's the one I want to see fall off a cliff!"

“The Song That Never Ends”

This one-verse song is often sung by kids to annoy their parents, as if we need help being annoyed. Composer Norman Martin wrote it in 1968 and then puppeteer Shari Lewis put it in one of Lamb Chop’s albums. Tove Maren from Mama in the Now wants the song to stop playing in her brain now. She wrote, “It truly never ever ends once I start singing it! It drives me batty. I think it's karma because I only ever sing it when I want to annoy the kids!"

All the songs from "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood"

Shya Gibbons from Vintage Dreams with a Modern Twist can’t get that song out of her head. Worse yet, her mind can’t stop changing the words. She said, “There is a song on Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood about how 'When you're sick, rest is best.' When I hear it in my head all I sing is, 'Breast is best, breast is best.' Because I read too many comments on news articles."

"Elena of Avalor” Theme Song

Though it’s a new show, “Elena of Avalor” has a theme song that is already driving moms slowly insane. Meredith Napolitano of From Meredith to Mommy wrote, "I've been singing both 'Shimmer and Shine' and 'Elena of Avalor' for the past two weeks. And I'm singing them right now. Dammit.” I feel ya.

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“Bob The Builder” Theme Song

Jennifer Schario Hicks from Real Life Parenting admits to having an oldie but a goodie stuck in her head. She said, "I'm old school: 'Bob the Builder' and several Wiggles songs.” Oh no, don't even start on the Wiggles!

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