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12 Back-to-School Tees for Tweens

Back to school, back to reality, or—in the case today's post—back-to-school shopping! Ah, not to worry. We have Etsy, you guys! We. Have. Etsy.

Etsy is my co-pilot when it comes to back-to-school shopping, specifically for my 6th-grade son Archer, who is a big fan of clever T-shirts and helped me put this post together. (Thanks, Archer!)

These 12 tees for tweens are pro-science, pro-puns and pro-conversation. They're also middle-school appropriate. High five!

1. 5 Billion Star Hotel

Psh to all four-star hotels. This is my new favorite T-shirt ever. GET IT, YOU GUYS! BECAUSE THERE ARE 5 BILLION STARS IN THE SKY AND THE EARTH IS LITERALLY A 5-BILLION-STAR HOTEL FOR LIFE!!!??? So good.

2. Rocket Sloth

This shirt was chosen in Fable's honor. Fable's love of sloths knows no bounds. Mine, either. Archer chose this shirt for us because he's the best.

3. Hillary for President

Yes, I know not all of us are Team Hill. But we're with her in our household and this fall, the election will be dominating our minds AND our closets. Because of course.

4. Bumblebee

To bee or not to bee. That is always the question when shirt shopping, is it not? This shirt is rad. The end.

5. Whales

Insert whale pun, here. This shirt is also rad. To be honest, I'm pretty sure it was the narwhal that sold it. Note to shirt-makers: Narwhals are always in style.

6. Guitar with Roots

Music makes the trees grow. I mean, yes, sun and rain and CO2 and nutrients in the soil do, too, but guitars certainly help.

7. One Smart Cookie

Heads up, teachers and students. Smart cookies coming through.

8. Full Moon

I'm being followed by a moon T-shirt, moon T-shirt moon T-shirt. I'm borrowing this shirt from Archer for sure. That's the great thing about having older kids. You get to SHARE T-SHIRTS AND SHOES AND JEANS AND COOL SOCKS AND SWEATSHIRTS AND AND AND ...

9. Because Science

Now that believing in science is a political act (I can't even ), this shirt is all the more awesome. Let's hear it for science!

10. Don't Be Negative

This shirt brings all the optimists to the schoolyard. Hopefully. Fingers crossed.

11. Make Pizza Not Wars

Let's give peace a chance. And, while we're at it, let's give pizza chance, too. I'm just going to pretend the pepperoni is soy-based, OK?

12. Unicorn Is My Spirit Animal

Archer's school mascot just happens to be a unicorn so this shirt was an obvious choice. But I'm also going to assume it's an obvious choice for many/most people, because who doesn't feel spiritually connected to the unicorn? Exactly.

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