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Simple Vegetarian Cooking Tips

Oils and Stocks

When cooking, replace animal fats like butter with vegetable oil. In recipes that call for animal broth or stock, use vegetable stock or wine instead.

Replace Proteins

When you exclude meat from your diet, you are getting rid of one of the most common sources of protein. Fortunately, meat is nowhere near the only source of protein. Tufu, tempeh, beans, seeds, nuts, peas, pasta and whole wheat bread also contain a significant amount of protein. If you are just getting started in vegetarian cooking, you can easily replace your meat in almost any meal with soy options. Manufacturers make soy crumbles that replace ground beef, soy bacon, soy sausage, soy burgers and even soy chicken wings.

Dairy Substitutes

When you are baking or cooking certain dishes, eggs are called for to hold the ingredients together. To replace the eggs in a recipe and still have your ingredients bind, the Vegetarian Resource Group suggests some egg replacements including swapping one egg with 1/4 cup soft tofu or 1/4 cup applesauce. Crumbled tofu can be used instead of ricotta or cottage cheese. Soy, rice potato and nut milk can be used in place of cow's milk.

Preventing Sticking

When you are cooking veggie burgers, vegetables and other meatless ingredients, it is best to coat your cooking surfaces because they tend to stick. Spray skillets, casserole dishes and baking sheets with a vegetable cooking spray. If you are cooking on a grill, oil the grate with olive oil prior to placing your food on the grill.

Choose Cooking Tools Wisely

When you sauté or mix cut vegetables in a dish, it is best to use a fork to move them around over a spoon. The blunt end of the spoon can tend to mash up softened vegetables in addition to stirring them.

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