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Spring Household Tips

Homemade Cleaner

One way to reduce spring cleaning costs and reduce the amount of chemicals in your home is to make your own household cleaner. An excellent homemade cleaner uses lime and baking soda. Simply add lime to baking soda to create a magnificent smelling and natural cleaner. Just cut one lime in half. Dip the fleshy part of the lime into about half of one cup of baking soda. Hold the lime in your hand, and use it as a scrubber. It's perfect for scrubbing hard-to-clean dishes and pans, counters, microwave and kitchen shelves. In addition, the scent is intoxicating.


Before you embark on deep spring cleaning, begin the process of de-cluttering your closet to get rid of items that you no longer need, and store clothing items that are not appropriate for the season. Spend time going through your closet, and donate items that you no longer wear. Also, take this time to pack up and stow away all fall and winter clothing items as there is no need to have them cluttering up your closets since you won't be wearing them. Store them in boxes under your bed or in a storage area. Once you are left with only spring and summer items, it is an easier task to organize your closet.


Washing your windows, both on the inside and outside, is often a lot of work. If you are cleaning your outdoor windows, finding an easier way to clean them is extremely welcome. A tip for cleaning the windows is to snap on a bottle of outdoor window cleaner to your hose. Simply spray the windows from the outside. After doing so, poor water repellent into the spray bottle, and spray down the windows again to ensure that you don't leave any water spots.

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